Grounds Night Crew Employee- Seasonal (16+ Year Old Applicants)
Farmington, UT Grounds Department
Job Type

The Grounds Night Crew Employee is responsible for assuring the park is clean and prepared for the next day’s operation by sweeping, leaf blowers and hosing down the park with large water hoses.

This position is seasonal. Seasonal employees perform their work at certain seasons and periods of the year. Their work, by its nature, is not continuous nor is it carried on throughout the year. A seasonal employee who is employed at the conclusion of the season will be terminated.

  • The Night Crew Employee must be able to pull and/or move heavy duty water hoses from one location to another with speed and efficiency, and must be able to closely monitor water spray to ensure safety of fellow employees and guests. Night Crew employees must able be able to move heavy items to clean underneath them.
  • Able to work effectively independently as well as with a group.
  • Able to move equipment which would include pushing, pulling, bending and lifting.
  • Able to stand and/or walk for up to eight (8) hours.
  • Able to walk quickly to/from job locations up to 1 (one) mile distance.
  • Able to regularly lift and/or move up to 90 pounds.
  • Able to perform work duties outdoors in varying weather conditions prevalent at the time.
  • Requires early arrival and/or late night departures.