Director of Sales
Job Type


The Director of Sales is responsible for all sales aspects of the company’s new customer acquisition lifecycle. Through detailed planning and the implementation of proven sales strategies, the Director of Sales will be responsible for generating outbound qualified leads, growing revenue per the strategic plan, and converting qualified leads to newly acquired customers for Emerge. 

The Director of Sales will report to the COO and work closely with the Marketing Manager to ensure alignment and achievement of the company’s new customer acquisition targets. Using creativity, leadership, and recognized best practices, the Director of Sales establishes systems and processes to achieve KPIs, establishes sales systems, and meets revenue, growth, sales, business development, and income objectives. The Director of Sales will also partner with Customer Experience and Service Delivery leadership to ensure success for all parties through new customer onboarding. 

The Director of Sales takes initiative and makes timely and sound decisions that drive revenue growth to meet strategic sales goals. The Director of Sales will work both as a leader to other sales professionals and a contributor to new customer business development. This includes the design and implementation of sales strategies and coaching for success. The Director of Sales will demonstrate their success, leading year over year growth of revenue through new customer acquisition in previous leadership roles.

With a people-first attitude, comfort with change, and significant leadership experience, the Director of Sales proactively guides the sales team, adds energy to the team, and sets forward-focused departmental goals in line with the company strategy. The Director of Sales is a vital member of the leadership team that will take the organization into the next phase of the company’s growth story.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities:

· Monitor the marketplace and analyze opportunities, providing competitive analysis, and creating and leading sales strategies and sales tactics

· Drive material revenue growth

· Serve as a strategic sales leader focused on value-based selling by understanding the market needs and mapping Emerge offers to market needs

· Drive and communicate Emerges value proposition to prospective customers and Emerge alliance business partners

· Identify, plan, and execute an optimized sales process tailored to Emerges Target Customer Profile

· Identify, plan, and execute outbound demand generation campaigns tailored to Emerges Target Customer Profile

· Define and coach a team of sellers focused on customer acquisition to year over year success 

· Proactively build strategic relationships that will generate new customer acquisition opportunities 

· Engage in a leadership capacity at Emerge sponsored events

· Hold ultimate responsibility of new customer pipeline

· Hold ultimate responsibility for new customer CRM systems and processes

· Collaborate in the development of new products and services, offering definitions, sales enablement, delivery models, and pricing strategy

· Collaborate, participate in, and coordinate promotional activities or trade shows

· Identify and set appropriate key performance indicators (KPIs), project milestones, and other metrics, goals, and targets

· Collaborate in the development of pricing strategies to maximize profits and market share

· Collaborate in the development of promotions in alignment with new customer acquisition targets

· Identify new market segments that will benefit from company products

· Maintains knowledge on emerging products and services

Required Skills/Abilities: 

· Results-driven

· High energy and drive with strong negotiation skills

· High integrity

· Professional and proactive work ethic

· Excellent interpersonal and customer service skills

· Ability to multitask and meet deadlines

· Strong analytical and problem-solving skills

· Strong organization and presentation skills

· Ability to collaborate with cross-functional teams

· Confidence in developing relationships and presenting to “C” Level decision-makers

· Extensive experience in selling business service contracts directly to the market

· Experience in creating, leading, and managing CRM, Sales Pipeline, and Sales related key performance indicators (KPIs)

· Skill in leading people and getting results both individually and through others, with a strong customer orientation

· Expertise understanding of principles and methods used to qualify and convert leads to new customers

Education and Experience:

· Bachelor’s degree in Business, Marketing or related field required; Master’s degree preferred

· At least five years of experience in Sales Leadership with a focus on customer acquisition

· Strengths in sales leadership, sales growth, and compelling communication 

Physical Requirements: 

· Prolonged periods of sitting at a desk and working on a computer

Must be able to lift 15 pounds at times