Laboratory Assistant (Part Time)/ Intern

Summary:  The Laboratory Assistant/ Intern will work on specific Lab projects as designated and directed, and they are an assistant to the lab staff. Good organizational skills are essential because this position requires handling multiple projects at the same.  All relevant information must be accurately recorded when working with the database, FreezerPro. 

Required Duties:  (This list is not comprehensive, but it should be used to provide general guidance.  Other duties may be required.) 

  • The Laboratory Assistant/ Intern will help the lab with the equipment maintenance duties. 
  • Maintenance of: Incubators, water baths, refrigerators, and others as requested by other employees. 
  • The Laboratory Assistant/ Intern will help with organizing the storage areas, and helping put away supplies as they are delivered.  
  • The Laboratory Assistant/ Intern will help with inventories, chemical, antibody, cell vials, and tissues.
  • The Laboratory Assistant/ Intern will help with large cell culture projects, as a runner. 
  • Unpacking flasks and helping stock up each work station. 
  • The Laboratory Assistant/ Intern will work with NetSuite to help keep maintenance on equipment that is within the database, as well helping to add on other equipment types into the system  
  • The Laboratory Assistant/ Intern will follow all SOPs while learning about ABS production processes.

Education: A high school diploma is required. Pursuing or having a BA/BS degree in the biological field is highly recommended. 

Language Skills: The lab Intern must be fluent in English and possess excellent oral and written communication skills.  All written communications should be grammatically correct without spelling errors.

Mathematics skills:  A basic understanding of arithmetic and elementary algebra, such as calculation of percentages and the creation and interpretation of simple graphs, is required.

Computer Skills:  The lab Intern must be able to search the Internet independently to find necessary information.  Basic proficiency in MS Outlook, MS Word, and MS Excel is also required.