Sous Chef

The hours for this position are 10AM-6:30PM, with days off on Monday and Wednesday 

Core Competencies


- Teamwork: collaborates well with other employees and works effectively in team-based environments.

- Integrity & Ethics: demonstrates ethical behavior, such as honesty and strong moral principles; avoids conflicts of interest.

- Service Excellence: strives to provide excellent service to internal and/or external customers by meeting and managing customer expectations.


- Quality: accurate, organized and thorough. Applies principles of continuous improvement.

- Safety: demonstrates commitment to working in a safe, prudent manner with complete regard for individual safety.

- Confidentiality: maintains the highest degree of confidentiality with working knowledge of HIPAA laws.

- Policy Compliance: adheres to company policy and procedure and applicable Joint Commission standards.

Position Specific Competencies


- Ability to maintain accountability, meet deadlines, and follow-through on tasks.

- Must be able to spot and resolve problems efficiently

- Excellent time management skills

- Must be able to lift a minimum of 50 lbs. without assistance


- Knowledge of food profession principles and practices

- Excellent knowledge of proper food preparation

- Familiarity with sanitation regulations

Duties and Responsibilities

- Serves or ensures proper serving of food for kitchen

- Executes proper food preparation and handling techniques

- Reports necessary equipment repair and maintenance to Executive Director

- Correctly prepares all food served following standard recipes and special diet orders

- Keeps work area neat and clean at all times; cleans and maintains equipment used in food preparation

- Taking charge of kitchen opening, closing and other side duties as directed by the Executive Chef

- Performs other duties as assigned.



- High School Degree, or equivalent.


- Preferably one year of experience working in the culinary field.

- If self identifying as in recovery, must have a minimum of six months of sustained recovery


- ServSafe certification