General library volunteer duties may range from cleaning library materials to maintaining the library facility, including landscaping. In addition, more specialized library volunteer positions may be made available, based on the needs of the library:

• Children's Department Volunteer – assists with programs, craft preparation, and other needs of the Children Department at each branch location;

• Community Events Assistant Volunteer – helps with event registration, outreach booths, craft preparation, and support for library events;

• Special Events Volunteer – assists with set up and breakdown of seating for special events, assists with seating attendees, traffic coordination, serving light snacks, and other related activities;

• Special Events Buddy Volunteer – will assist someone with a disability or other difficulties with attending special library events;

• Technical Services Volunteer – helps with processing incoming library materials and with filling requests from Library patrons for materials at other libraries;

• Teen Volunteer – assists with programs, craft preparation, planning teen events, and other needs of the Adult/Teen Services Department at each branch location.

Other volunteer positions may be created and posted as the needs of the Library require. When volunteers are needed in specific areas, specialized descriptions of those volunteer duties may be created as necessary.


All volunteers are required to complete an application form. This form is used to determine the individual’s eligibility for volunteer service, identify skills that the Library may use (or skills the volunteer may wish to offer or develop), indicate the length of service that is anticipated, and indicate the reasons that such service is being provided. All completed applications are kept confidential.

The volunteer application will be submitted to the Assistant Director for approval.

Background Checks

Background checks are required for Library volunteers 18 years of age or older. The Library reserves the right to refuse volunteer service based on the results of a background check.


The minimum age for volunteers is twelve. Volunteers under the age of twelve are permitted if there is constant adult supervision. Supervision of persons under the age of twelve will not be provided by Library staff. All volunteers under the age of sixteen must submit a letter of permission from their parent or legal guardian. This letter is required even if the volunteer will have constant adult supervision.

Relatives of Employees

Family members of employees (who meet all qualifications) may volunteer for the Library. Family members will be treated the same as any volunteer with all of the same privileges and benefits.

Former Employees

Former employees who wish to volunteer will need approval from the Administration.

Community Service

Individual volunteers who are completing required service hours for a community or school organization are welcome at the Library. It is the responsibility of the volunteer to keep track of any required paperwork. Reasonable time should be allowed for Library staff to complete required paperwork.

The Library does not accept volunteers who are completing court-ordered community service hours.