Associate Research Scientist, Sequencing Team

Job scope:

We are looking for an associate research scientist for the Sequencing lab. This position will be focusing on high throughput DNA sequencing workflow during the gene synthesis process. 

Key Responsibilities:

1. Daily operation of equipment, materials and process to ensure stable and orderly daily production;

2. Thorough knowledge of Sanger Sequencing workflow, preparing DNA sequencing samples by organizing and setting up sequencing reactions, schedule sequencing runs on DNA  analyzers; Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) experience. 

3. Optimize and perform cleanup of sequencing reactions, operations knowledge of automated liquid handlers; 

4. Evaluate sequencing run results, and coordinate with data analysis group;

5. Improve quality standards in sequence data generation, and lead key projects to continuously optimize sequencing workflow;

6. Perform instrument calibrations and regular maintenance including (but not necessarily limited to) DNA analyzers; Troubleshoot instrument performance issues and make recommendations and/ or adjustments to improve work efficiency; 

7.  Execute SOP through training and supervision. Continuously optimize SOP to improve operational efficiency;

8.  Keep abreast with the latest advancements in sequencing technologies, develop new protocols for streamlined as well as to handle complex workflow, and make suggestions; 

9.  Complete other tasks assigned by manager.


• Master degree in molecular biology related field with a minimum 1 year of independent hands on lab experience or Bachelor degree in molecular biology related field with a minimum 2 years of independent hands on lab experience 

• Hands on experience in DNA Sequencing platform (Sanger and preferably NGS), analyzing DNA materials, sequencing workflow management, and data analysis

• Must have good understanding in the quantification and qualification methods of plasmid DNA, including spectrophotometric analysis, and electrophoresis

• Must be experienced working in a high throughput manufacturing environment, and flexible to modifications in work environment

• Strong communication and coordination skills, and good resistance to stress

• Experience with automation tools is preferred

• Have a strong sense of work responsibility and cost awareness. Actively innovate and result driven