Shelter Medicine Registered Veterinary Technician (RVT)- up to $7K sign on bonus
San Francisco, CA Shelter Medicine
Job Type

As a Shelter Medicine Technician, you’ll have access to never-ending opportunities to practice and expand your skills not only in nursing care and population management, but critical thinking and problem solving. With a broad spectrum of responsibilities that range from routine preventative medicine and care to considering how to minimize length of stay throughout the shelter population, every day has the potential to be a little different, but never boring. The team focuses on finding the balance between stellar individual patient care with the needs of all the animals in our shelter. We incorporate many time-tested processes such as high volume/high quality spay neuter, in combination with data driven improvements to protocols and processes on a regular basis.  

If you are a self-motivated worker who likes a collaborative approach and is passionate about patient care and animal welfare, we’d love to have you join our team!


Nursing Care:

  • Provide daily treatments and medical care to large population, from neonate to geriatric.
  • Conduct any diagnostics requested by veterinarian including (but not limited to) blood work, diagnostic imaging including radiographs, cytocentisis, cytologies, and in house diagnostics
  • Deliver elevated nursing care for shelter patients needing more advanced support, including but not limited to IV fluid and medication administration, bandaging, and wound care.
  • Collaborate with hospital staff in the event that a shelter patient needs care in our public, fill service hospital (ex: dentals, overnight care, parvo isolation)

Population Management and Intake: 

  • Handle daily assessment and triage of shelter and foster populations, from basic preventative care such as vaccines all the way to big picture consideration of overall length of stay within shelter
  • Evaluate the health of animals who are accepted into the shelter, including but not limited to delivering urgent care, performing initial physical exams, gathering medical history documentation, and providing initial routine preventative care (vaccines, deworming, etc).
  • Prioritize intake physical exam to allow for overall decreased length of stay in shelter 

Spay/Neuter and Surgery:

  • Provide safe and efficient assistance of high volume/high quality spay neuter including but not limited to safe induction, prep, monitoring and recovery of anesthesia, considering how to maximize surgical flow, efficient sterile resources, complete and accurate data entry of surgical record
  • Assist non-spay/neuter surgeries including but not limited to collaborating on drug protocols, safe induction, prep, monitoring and recovery of potentially complicated or unstable anesthetic patients, and complete and accurate data entry of surgical records

Disease Outbreak and Quarantines

  • Help manage diagnosis, treatment and housing, document, and be point of communication in event of contagious disease outbreaks

Data Entry & Communication

  • High volume data entry for accurate maintenance of medical records, infectious disease tracking, and population tracking across 3 platforms
  • Collect and report data to improve and update protocols and processes
  • Responsible for communicating with adoptions department, volunteer engagement team, animal care staff,  and partner shelters and veterinary specialists in and out of San Francisco counties

Key attributes of a shelter medicine technician:

  • Self-motivated and team oriented
  • Adaptable to achieve both short term and long term goals
  • Comfortable giving and receiving feedback
  • Curious and passionate about both individualized care and herd health
  • Competent in highly detailed and high volume data entry 
  • Conscious of the importance of work-life balance

Compensation, Benefits, & Values 

Our compensation is based on tenure and breadth of experience. The San Francisco SPCA offers a competitive compensation package that includes medical, vision and dental insurance, discount on pet veterinary care, PTO, 401K with matching funds, and generous signing bonus. 

The San Francisco SPCA welcomes everyone! We welcome all races, ethnicities, genders, ages, religions, political persuasions, languages, abilities/disabilities, sexual orientations, gender identities, socioeconomic statuses, and national origins. Diversity brings innovative ideas, perspectives, and opinions. We consider our differences to be valuable assets that will help us continually strive to be better at what we do and to advance our mission.