Laboratory Associate
Job Type

The Laboratory Associate will work on specific laboratory projects as directed and designated.   Good organizational skills are essential because this position requires handling multiple projects at the same.  Projects will include inventory management of biological samples within ABS or off-site locations.   The position will include routine responsibilities within our laboratories, that is not limited to equipment maintenance and supply/reagent inventory management.  The position will allow opportunities of growth within the laboratory setting of a fast growing company.  

  • The Laboratory Associate will be responsible for daily tasks within the lab that includes...(Equipment Maintenance, Supply Inventory Management, and Bio-sample inventory logistics.)
  • The Laboratory Associate will be assigned specific projects within the laboratory, as directed by demand.  (Example- Inventory of bio-samples off site.) 
  • The Laboratory Associate will be responsible for stocking work stations and assisting other scientists on projects.  
  • The Laboratory Associate will train on various ABS processes, including laboratory techniques such as Cell Culture Growth, PCR Techniques, Flowcytometry, and so on.)
  • The Laboratory Associate is expected to follow ABS SOPs while training at ABS.