Professional Foster Parent
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Professional Foster Parent                                    

Contract Position

Abilene, TX • Texas Family Initiative LLC




Texas Family Initiative (TF) is recruiting professional foster parents to provide emergency short-term care and support in a family-based environment. 

Professional foster parents will reside cost-free in a 2,600 square foot home in a great neighborhood. Not only will professional foster parents receive FREE housing (no rent, mortgage, utilities, insurance or taxes), but professional foster parents will also receive a contracted amount up to $50,000 per year. 

TFI can consider other housing assistance alternatives or options including rental assistance, and or mortgage assistance. 

For more information about the qualifications of this position, please call 877-942-2239.  

Professional Foster Parents must: 

· Be able to meet the needs of the child and respond to crises involving the child at all times. In order to achieve this, at least one parent may not work outside the home. 

· Be able and willing to treat all clients regardless of their behavioral history, criminal history, age, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or gender identity. 

· Must pass FBI background checks, all state and local background checks. 

· Attend required pre-service training in order to implement proactive strategies and crisis intervention implementation. 

· Be an active participant in all team/collaborative meetings with respect to the child(ren). 

· Create a plan for biological children. Any home with biological children living in the home must also have a written plan that insures the efficiency and safety of that home. 

**This is a contract position with Texas Family Initiative LLC.