Companion Aide for Adults with Disabilities
Job Type


Responsible to serve as a support person to all individuals receiving services by Home of Hope Inc.

This support is given in a variety of areas; daily living skills, leisure activities, social skills, human

relations, etc.


  1. Assist the individual(s) with personal needs, household tasks and daily activities.
  2. Assist the individual(s) in achieving maximum potential toward self-determination. Advocate on behalf of the individual(s).
  3. Work cooperatively with all employees.


  1. Assist the individual(s) you support with daily in-home activities. Assist individual(s) with the learning experience needed to reach their goals.
  2. Interact with individual(s) with personal hobbies.
  3. Assist individual(s) with housekeeping.
  4. Work cooperatively with employees and individual(s) you serve. Maintain total confidentiality.
  5. Report and document any injury that you sustain while on the job to your supervisor, and Consult Care or Human Resource Director immediately.


Every employee at Home of Hope represents the organization’s values internally and to the public.

As such, all employees’ actions and decisions are expected to be consistent with the organization’s

core values at all times. Home of Hope’s Core Values are:

Client Centered Care: We are committed to making all decisions and performing all actions with the

well-being of our clients as our primary focus, and to always putting our clients’ interests ahead of our


Accountability: We take personal responsibility, as an organization and as individuals, for our

actions, hold each other accountable, and expect to be held accountable at any point throughout the

year for our decisions and actions.

Respect: While keeping the focus on the needs of our clients, we also commit to demonstrating

mutual respect in communication and actions so that a positive environment for everyone is


Excellence: We are committed to using established best practices, to evaluating effectiveness of our

efforts, and to demonstrating a willingness to change current practices at any point based on

evidence that change is needed.



  • No experience necessary.
  • Working home phone or cell phone
  • Criminal Background free of encumbrances identified by the State of Oklahoma Health
  • Department.
  • First Aid/CPR Training (Provided upon hire). This will include all aspects of completion with
  • compressions on the floor or ground.
  • Required pre-employment drug screen and subject to random, post-accident and reasonable
  • cause drug screens.
  • Willing to work schedules based on individual client needs.


  • Ability to walk at an efficient rate of speed.
  • Vision sufficient to read or assist individuals in normal or semi-darkened environments.
  • Ability to understand oral and written instructions.
  • Reliable motor skills-use of hands and feet
  • Ability to sit, stoop, or stand for prolonged periods of time.
  • Must be mentally and physically capable to perform the duties of the position.


  • Medic First Aid Class
  • Specialized individual client training.