Associate Director, Public Theology Project
Fully Remote Carol Stream, IL
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Billy Graham founded Christianity Today in 1956 with a vision to see an articulation of the best of evangelical Christian thought and to analyze the events and trends shaping the future of the Christian mission to the world. Today CT is rapidly expanding its place in global storytelling and thought leadership, utilizing multiple media platforms far beyond what the founders of CT could have ever imagined possible. 

The Public Theology Project is an initiative of Christianity Today with the purpose of relating Christian theology to life, culture, ethics, and the public square. The Public Theology Project seeks to serve by shaping, modeling, and convening a healthy form of Christian engagement with society—one deeply rooted in Scripture and in the gospel of Jesus Christ. In times of polarization and tribalism, the Public Theology Project seeks to model a confident orthodoxy that embodies both conviction and kindness, both proclamation and demonstration, both fidelity and mission. 

The Public Theology Project includes components of regular written analysis of ideas and events within the church and the world from a theological perspective, audio and video conversations with thought leaders in a variety of areas, resources helping Christians to field questions of application of Christian discipleship to personal life and ethics, engagement with outside media and organizations about matters of priority for a Christianity Today vision of gospel presence, and connectedness with a community of Christians and others interested in the intersection of religion and public life through venues from Instagram Live and Facebook to television or print media to speaking via university campuses, churches, or think-tanks on such matters. 

Current Public Theology Project initiatives include The Russell Moore Show podcast, which models conversations designed to decrease polarization and model a winsome and curious theological engagement—especially on areas of disagreement, a YouTube channel fielding such questions and conversations through video, a weekly newsletter exploring issues in the news from a theological perspective, daily interactions with secular journalists and scholars seeking to understand evangelical Christianity, consultation with pastors and church leaders on questions ranging from church fragmentation to combating disinformation and demoralization, and speaking in churches or on college/seminary campuses on matters ranging from evangelical identity to political engagement to matters of racial injustice, sexual abuse, and other questions perilous to the future of evangelical witness in North America and around the world. 

The next phase of the Public Theology Project will include the formation of a band of Fellows—evangelical Christians of various denominations and backgrounds with a demonstrated ability to connect theology to culture in ways needed by the church and world—and Associate Fellows—younger evangelical Christians in the academy or church with the potential to lead the next generation in such a task. 

The Fellows agree to meet periodically—virtually or live—to consult on matters within their areas of expertise and to provide content consistent with their various gifts and aptitudes. Fellows will periodically participate in The Associate Fellows will also receive coaching on how to navigate the changing thought landscape of the twenty-first century. 

Future initiatives will include regular—perhaps weekly—web-based conversations and regular—perhaps monthly—conference calls with pastors and church leaders. 

To carry out that mission, Christianity Today seeks an Associate Director for the Project, to work alongside Russell Moore who directs it. This position would serve as a details-oriented manager of content production, event planning, and media engagement. 

Essential Functions and Responsibilities: 

  • Manage day-to-day editing responsibilities in coordination with the rest of the CT organization
  • Develop with Director agenda for issues to be addressed and contributors to be included 
  • Coordinate the contributions of fellows and associate fellows in terms of written, audio, or video webinar materials
  • Work with teams to coordinate gatherings—virtual and live—with fellows and associate fellows 
  • Manage the web and audio content of the Public Theology Project, including working with producers and editors to see this content through to completion 
  • Secure and schedule guests for various Public Theology Projects, working with the relevant communications teams of these guests in order to do so
  • Work with CT social media personnel to disseminate Public Theology Project properties, including audio and video clips, Instagram and Facebook stories, Twitter postings, etc. 
  • Manage the Public Theology Project’s web and social media platforms 
  • Consult with the director on issues to be addressed and the scheduling of various platforms to do so 
  • Work with Director and producers on scheduling guests for audio or video resources and commissioning written pieces 
  • Lead the social media promotion of content produced 
  • Coordinate with outside groups and coalitions as well as outside media 
  • Work with various teams within CT (editorial, technology, social media, video support, etc.) to accomplish the completion of projects 
  • Plan and coordinate live events with partner churches, schools, or organizations 
  • Other duties as assigned 

 Required Qualifications/Competencies:

  • A Christian committed to the church and to the gospel and in alignment with both the Christianity Today statement of faith and the broad-based and multi-denominational “big tent” evangelicalism represented by CT 
  • Bachelor’s degree in area relevant to theology and/or culture 
  • Experience with web publishing and social media engagement 
  • Strong organizational abilities
  • Competency in details and logistics, with demonstrated ability to serve in an often fast-changing context
  • Competency in editing content (print, web, or otherwise) 
  • A proven track record of technological agility in areas relevant to publishing and content creation 

Desired Qualifications:

  • Graduate degree in area relevant to theology and culture 
  • Experience with event planning and supervision