Associate Research Scientist in Automated Gene Synthesis Team
Piscataway, NJ


Job scope:

We are looking for an automation power user for the automated gene   synthesis team. This position will be focusing on high throughput automated   liquid handling and colony picking/ culturing during the gene synthesis   process 

Key Responsibilities:

• Operate, and troubleshoot integrated   automated liquid handling systems

• Operating an online order management system 

• Performing daily, weekly, and monthly   maintenance on the automation instruments

• Perform bacterial cell transformation

• Preparing cells agar plates to be picked and   cultured for overnight growth

• Operate general automated liquid handlers on   a day to day basis 

• Make iterative changes to parameters   involving automated cell picking 

• Work with supervisor to ensure smooth daily   workflow and development of new operating procedures 

• Assist teams with other automated biological   processes when/if needed




• Master degree in molecular biology related field with a minimum 1 year of independent hands on lab experience or Bachelor degree in molecular biology related field with a minimum 2 years of independent hands on lab experience 

• Strong communication skills and good team work

• Familiar with gene synthesis process, such as PCR, Ligation, and cell transformation

• Critical thinking skills and track record of problem solving

• Goal oriented, self-motivated and able to work in a fast paced high throughput environment 

• Familiar with laboratory robotics is preferred

Cell culture experience is preferred