The Cook assists in the preparation and service of meals. Responsible for kitchen and dining area sanitation.  

Job Description:

· Prepares well-balanced, nutritious meals, which enable them to remain healthy throughout their participation in the program. 

· In collaboration with the food service manager, prepare three meals per day, except on holidays and weekends, when two meals are acceptable. In lieu of the third meal, healthy snacks shall be available to students on weekends and holidays. 

· Meals shall be planned and prepared using a minimum of a 28-day cycle cafeteria menu. 

· Ensures meal service is provided for work-based learning, off-center activities, late arrivals, etc. 

· Ensures food options and nutritional guidelines outlined in company policy and the PRH shall be provided. 

· Ensures all meals and food items meet the dietary needs and desires of a diverse population, including ethnic, vegetarian, and low-fat alternatives. 

· Assists in developing and implementing procedures for ordering, purchasing, receiving, storing, inventorying, and issuing food products that ensure the prevention of fraud and abuse, protection of food and food preparation equipment and areas from contaminants, insects, and rodents, and the safe and sanitary handling and storage of food. 

· Assists in implementing procedures to obtain student input into the planning and evaluation of the content and quality of the meals and service provided in order to ensure students have input into meal planning and are satisfied with the center food service. 

· Ensures the safety, health, and security of students, staff, and property. 

· Provides quality customer service to the students that we serve at all times.

· When assigned, completes the cafeteria lock-up checklist on a daily basis and is accountable for security in this area. 

· Follows CDSS plan and Code of Conduct system daily.

· Works towards meeting performance standard goals.

· Maintains good housekeeping to include sanitation in all areas and complies with safety practices.

· Adheres to required property control policies and procedures.

· Complies with all DOL guidelines, OFCCP regulation, Quality Assurance Plan (QAP), Bizzell policies and procedures, Job Corps notices and bulletins, and Center policies and procedures. 

· Demonstrates and abides by The Bizzell Group’s core values and operating principles.

· Models, mentors, and monitors appropriate career success skills. 

  • Helps students become more employable through continuous reinforcement.

· Participation in PRH-mandated staff training is mandatory. Failure to participate may result in disciplinary action up to and including termination. 

Performs other duties as assigned 


Key Competencies:


Effective  Communication

· Presents information both clearly and concisely and regularly confirms the correct interpretation of information.

· Very high standard of communication skills both written and verbal for the presentation of facts and ideas. 

· Shows professional non-verbal body language and actively listens to others. 


Organization of Work

· Action-oriented. Demonstrates the ability to handle several projects simultaneously with decision-making, flexibility, and problem-solving. 

· Implements the key principles of time management, task allocation, and priority assignment in addition to personal organization.

· Shows attention to detail and ability to complete work with the highest level of accuracy and efficiency.

· Continually seek ways to improve employment services provided via the development of professional skills and personal growth.



· Demonstrates professional interpersonal skills when interacting with others. Abides by The   Bizzell Group’s Healthy Workplace Environment policy.

· Acts as a team player and builds professional relationships with coworkers to achieve goals.



To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to perform each essential duty satisfactorily 


Knowledge of basic food preparation and proper food handling procedures. 


Knowledge of general kitchen equipment and appliances. 


Ability to work in a fast-paced environment. 


Ability to work under the direction of senior personnel and follow recipes. 


High level of organization,   interpersonal, and communication skills.




One to three months of food service/preparation experience or related experience. 




High School Diploma or equivalent required.


Certificates, Licenses, Registrations


NRA Food Service Sanitation or equivalent/Safe Serve. Valid State Driver’s License.