Coding Supervisor
WFH Flexible Nashville, TN Revenue Cycle
Job Type

The Coding Supervisor will play an important role in the overall performance of TOA an the Revenue Cycle Function. The Coding Supervisor will provide immediate support and guidance to the team of qualified TOA Coders, both certified and non-certified. They will also provide support to the Coding Manager, other areas of the Revenue Cycle team, and TOA physicians and providers. In addition to the supervisory/support role, the Supervisor will be responsible for individual coding production on a routine basis.

The TOA Coding Supervisor:

General Responsibility

  • Works closely with multi-coder team to ensure coding workflow processes are maintained, timely, consistent and accurate.
  • Monitors emails between coders and providers to ensure communication is timely, appropriate, consistent, complete and has the level of detail needed to resolve any outstanding issue, providing guidance and assistance where needed.
  • Is an early intervenor when coding questions are posed by the coders themselves. If/when needed, contacts the Coding Manager for resolution if the Coding Manager has not already responded
  • Maintains an agreed upon level of individual coding production for TOA.

Coding Team Daily Processes

  • Drives operation efficiency and sustains excellent in coding workflow with accountability for meeting and exceeding established TOA goals, recommending solutions or changes to processes when/if the need is recognized
  • Monitors productivity daily and reports findings to the Coding Manager weekly, working with the team and Coding Manager to remove barriers and coaching team members on efficiency • Responds to requests from EDI/Informatics
  • Assists in acquiring documentation as needed
  • Collaborates and serves as a resource to other departments in the Revenue Cycle to ensure business continuity and optimal revenue cycle management
  • Maintains confidentiality of employees, patients, administrative staff and medical staff with no infractions

Supervisory responsibilities:

  • Provides oversight of the daily coding team huddle, including scheduling huddles and overseeing pertinent content
  • Assists in motivating and supporting the coding team and overcoming barriers to coding issues and understanding coding concepts
  • Assists team in staying updated on current coding, as needed • Oversight of required TOA course completion such as annual HIPAA online
  • Works in conjunction with the Coding Manager daily to ensure the coding team and TOA providers are fully supported from a coding-perspective
  • Provides new coder training, as well as refresher training as needed
  • Assists in new coder interviewing and hiring process 
  • Assists in creating and updating coding team workflow processes
  • Monitors coder accuracy and productivity, and identifies patterns of areas of excellent and areas of opportunity
  • Approves self-pay adjustments
  • Responds to site questions 
  • Will provide support to the manager regarding performance management and talent acquisition for the team
  • Uses critical thinking and sound judgment in decision making; keeping reimbursement considerations in balance with regulatory compliance
  • Assists with professional growth, development and continuing education to maintain a high level of proficiency
  • Performs other duties as assigned

The experiences and qualifications of the successful candidate include:

  • Certification is required; CPC, CCS-P and/or COSC
  • Orthopaedic coding experience strongly preferred, but not required
  • Experience in all facets of medical office billing
  • Minimum 3 years coding experience required; both clinic and surgery preferred but related background and strong medical coding experience accepted
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Successful experience in a lead or supervisory position is preferred
  • Proficient with Outlook, Excel, Word