Administrative Client Services Coordinator



Job Purpose

The Outpatient Behavioral Services (OBS) Administrative Client Services Coordinator, under the direct supervision of the Director of OBS, performs, coordinates and oversees all office administrative work within the four departments (ABA, speech, psychological and school based services) in the program, including session scheduling, client administration and manage staff absenteeism and client coverage. 

Duties and Responsibilities

Authorization Management

  • Verifies client insurance eligibility and reviews client financial responsibility 
  • Create and maintain client electronic health record
  • Collects patient co-pays at time of service
  • Follow-up with funding source regarding any errors on authorizations and ensure they are resolved including differences in the type of services, amount of authorized services, or the timeframe (contract start and end dates)
  • Weekly monitoring of session notes and sign-offs to ensure billing fidelity
  • On a monthly basis, monitor all client authorizations to ensure all reauthorization requests are submitted in a timely manner with all of the required supporting documentation
  • claim rejections and ensure they are resolved in collaboration with senior staff accountant in a timely manner based on individual claims
  • Maintain a shared client authorization system in collaboration with intake coordinator
  • Submit credentialing documentation/application for approval with all funding sources

Scheduling & Direct Service Administration

  • Receives and responds to staff and client phone and email inquiries relating to scheduling
  • Notifies client and staff of any schedule changes, updates or cancellations
  • Maintain and update spreadsheet of scheduled billable hours weekly for review by Clinical Director and Senior Staff Accountant 
  • Audits and analyzes Behavior Analyst and Outpatient Coordinator caseloads on a monthly basis for review by the Director of Outpatient Behavioral Services
  • Manages coverage for staff Call-Out policy
  • Ensure and train staff as necessary on scheduling and billing procedures

Additional Functions:

  • Communicate directly with families regarding financial policies, and works to resolve any issues related to funding
  • Assist behavior analyst and client’s family in resolving any attendance or communication related issues
  • Assist in the daily building/department operations as necessary
  • Serve as a member of the Intake Team 
  • Maintain HIPPA compliant environment

Position Type

This is a full-time position. 




  • Valid driving license required
  • High school diploma or Equivalent required
  • Minimum of 3 years of experience as a medical insurance specialist preferred, with office management and customer service experience in a medical or healthcare setting preferred

Physical Requirements

The ability to move independently throughout a wide range of environments, some of which may not be wheelchair or otherwise handicapped accessible, is required.  Independent transportation to locations that may not be served by public transportation may be necessary.  

Direct Reports

This position has no direct reports.