E-Commerce Intern, Dyehard Fan Supply
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Internship, Internship, Internship

Dyehard Fan Supply, a portfolio company of Teall Sports & Entertainment, is reimagining the gameday and ecommerce merchandise business by specializing in providing boutique retail merchandise at sporting and entertainment events, as well as on-line for its clients. Dyehard is growing rapidly from a combination of recent acquisitions as well as organically through acquisitions of new clients.

We are looking for innovative self-starters who want to be a part of an organization that is helping reshape the merchandise fan experience across the nation. If you have a passion for sports, entertainment, fashion, merchandise and for providing EXCEPTIONAL customer experiences, we want to hear from you.

Our best asset is our people. We invest in our people and expect them to invest in us. We hire people who understand what it means to serve a client. We believe in doing the right thing, the right way at the right time and exceeding our clients’ expectations. We are a family, and we want our clients to think of us as partners, not vendors. We want to help them innovate and be better every day. We have a wide range of clients and we run at quite a pace during the sports season to not just keep up, but to stay ahead. If you like the excitement of a fast paced, fun environment, apply today. We promise you won’t be bored, but don’t think you’re going to actually sit and go to the game either. We are part of the magic behind the scenes that makes it all work.

Dyehard Fan Supply proudly serves more than 35 partners. Apply now to be a part of one of the fastest growing teams in sports.

THESIS: Interns are the next generation of innovators. At Dyehard Fan Supply, we aim to provide internships that feature professional development programs, mentorships, a robust company culture, and a focus on real work (not coffee runs!).

The internship kicks off with three (3) days of training where interns get to know Dyehard Fan Supply inside and out – from products of the business to merchandising to distribution. From there, these team members work on hands-on, self-driven projects that make a business impact. They will also work one-on-one with a mentor and have access to learning seminars like Q&A sessions with Dyehard executives, as well as executives from Teall Sports & Entertainment (Holding company). With all these career growth opportunities combined, our interns get an invaluable chance to carve out a professional path.

Internships can be anywhere from three to 12 months.


ECommerce Responsibilities: 

  • Writing product descriptions 
  • Create work instruction 
  • Create videos or standard operating procedures laying out the steps to certain processes 
  • Site audit 
  • Check websites for errors including, but not limited to: Pricing, Naming, Categorization, Filters 
  • Help fulfill site merchandising requests
  • Data cleaning 
  • Specific work tasks will come from site auditing 
  • Adding variant images 
  • Clearing out products that are no longer carried 
  • Photo cleanup 
  • Ensure images on products are in correct order 
  • Help identify missing image whereabouts

Misc. Research projects/Case Studies:

  • Name, Image and Likeness:
  • What does this mean for our industry?
  • What services are licensing companies providing?
  • How are Universities administering and managing and what third-party companies are they partnering with?
  • Consumer Behavior and choice with E-commerce shopping