IT Supervisor
Job Type

Position Summary:

This position is responsible for Administering and Supervising all of the Information Technology Infrastructure and providing technology support and training. Primary duties include: Daily management of the department as well as the development, guidance and training of IT staff and Consultants. Responsible for the Maintenance and Operation of Data Centers, IT Infrastructure Security and IT Project Management

Essential Functions and Responsibilities:

  • Maintains a thorough knowledge of the organization and adheres to all organizational standards.
  • Keeps immediate supervisor well-informed of activities and recommends corrective actions.
  • Manages and maintains Microsoft Windows applications and systems including but not limited to Windows XP, Vista, 7, 10 Server 2008, 2012, 2016 SQL Server 2008, etc.
  • Manages the installation and maintenance of the organization’s local area network hardware/software.
  • Manages network operations to include: troubleshooting connectivity problems; installing & maintaining routers; Managing and Administering VOIP Telephone systems; adding/terminating users; assigning rights and access; resetting passwords; establishing e-mail addresses; assessing and reporting operational status; performing backups and restores; etc.
  • Conducts technology orientation and exit briefing for all staff; prepares technology and systems for new and existing staff.
  • Ensures technology documents/certificates such as product registrations, SSL certificates, maintenance agreements, service contracts, etc. related to technology operations and/or technology services are evaluated, updated and processed.
  • Implements, administrates and maintains databases.
  • Developing Cloud Solutions and ensuring the organizational goal of being data driven is implemented. • Work with implementation of all software platforms and EMR
  • Ensure all reporting tasks are performed on a consistent basis.
  • Performs routine preventive maintenance on hardware and software.
  • Assists staff in understanding and using technology; conducts staff technology presentations and trainings.
  • Presents and implements technological alternatives to streamline functions and improve productivity.
  • Manages technology inventory to include procurement and disposal.
  • Ensures compliance with all software licensing agreements. Manages and safeguards software media and associated licenses. Tracks software versions. Maintains centralized software use log.
  • Ensures networks, workstations, operating systems and software applications are operational; ensures hardware and software is patched and/or updated; ensures all analog and broadband circuits are operational in accordance with vendor specifications.
  • Ensures for the availability, continuity and security of data and information pertaining to the organization.
  • Maintains and tests a technology disaster recovery plan.
  • Ensures Proper Data Backup including Offsite Backup Solutions
  • Develops and maintains an excellent working relationship with other organizations, ensuring the organization is well received and presented professionally and positively.
  • Respects confidentiality in discussing consumer/participant, staff, volunteer and organizational matters; also maintains confidentiality of organization, project, fiscal and personnel related information.


Computer Skills:

To perform this job successfully the following computer proficiency is (are) required: Adobe Photoshop; Adobe Dreamweaver; Adobe Illustrator; Adobe In Design; Internet Explorer; Microsoft Access; Microsoft Excel; Microsoft Outlook; Microsoft PowerPoint; Microsoft Publisher; Microsoft Word; See other required technology skills and qualifications identified under "Other Skills and Qualifications".

Other Skills and Qualifications:

Knowledge of and experience with: VMware and Dell SANs, LANS/WANS; Windows Server Environment; Microsoft SQL Server; Microsoft Exchange; Internet Information Services; backup systems; network/workstation peripherals; print servers; firewalls, spam & antivirus hardware/software; VOIP Telephone Systems, HTML, Cascading Style Sheets; computer hardware (replacing hard drives, hardware drivers, etc.).


Medical Insurance or $100/month medical insurance waiver reimbursement

403b retirement plan: 4% APM contribution PLUS 3% APM matching contribution



20 PTO Days

12 Paid Holidays

Life Insurance

Long and Short-term Disability

APM is an equal opportunity employer.