MRI Technologist Part-Time

 This is a part-time position for a 5-9 shift, and while primarily based out of Nashville (One-City), may occasionally toggle between multiple sites.Our TOA MRI Technologist plays an important role in the overall delivery of orthopaedic care and services to our patients throughout the area. TOA has a fast-paced environment that provides the right candidate excellent opportunities to help patients and build a career in the MRI area.

  • Explain MRI procedures to patients and to obtain a detailed history of patient’s symptoms, surgical history, medical history including metallic implants and metallic foreign bodies
  • Administer sedation as needed after assuring patient has a driver on site
  • Counsel patient on safety after sedation and obtain a liability waiver
  • Enter patient history and symptoms into EHR and PACS to assist radiologist with the interpretation
  • Research electronic and implanted devices for MRI compatibility and safety
  • Insure patients remove metallic objects that might be hazardous in an MRI and that they are dressed appropriate for the MRI examination being performed
  • Positions patient utilizing the appropriate coil for the examination being performed
  • Monitor the patient visually and audibly during the MRI examination and communicate effectively utilizing the patient - technologist intercom
  • Perform high quality MRI examinations following TOA MRI protocols and standards
  • Perform venipuncture contrast administration as needed
  • Review images for quality, window, and levels
  • Reiterate instructions to patients if motion is present and repeats the sequences as needed
  • Transmit images to PACS and insure images transmitted properly
  • Adjust scan parameters to correctly visualize pathology and seek direction from radiologist as needed
  • Notify physicians, nurses, and radiologists of crucial findings
  • Provide excellent patient care and customer service
  • Monitor and secure all entries into the magnet room following MRI safety guidelines
  • Assist in training new personnel
  • Work well with fellow technologists for efficiency and to insure proper patient flow
  • Work with physicians, nurses and radiologists to insure appropriate MRI examination is ordered and performed
  • Perform Q.C. and Q. A. procedures and reports anomalies for correction
  • Coordinate MRI report delivery, especially STAT exams
  • Constantly monitor patient flow and schedules for opportunities to work in patients
  • Assist the front desk answering phones and scheduling as needed
  • Work closely with service engineers to apprise them of problems or potential problems
  • Maintains strictest confidentiality following HIPAA guidelines
  • Fills in at other MRI facilities as needed
  • Completion of A.S., B.S. or certificate in Radiologic technology
  • Registered in MRI or registered in MRI within one year of completing training Extensive knowledge of anatomy and physiology
  • Extensive knowledge of medical terminology
  • Knowledge of MRI principles and pulse sequences
  • Ability to properly position patients and program imaging to ensure high quality and accurate MRI examinations
  • Ability to recognize pathology and adjust scanning parameters
  • Must be capable of interacting and communicating with nurses, physicians and radiologist
  • Knowledge of MRI safety practices
  • Understanding basic quality control and quality assurance procedures
  • Basic networking and PACs knowledge
  • Excellent patient services skills including working with claustrophobic patients
  • Dependable and capable of adjusting schedules to meet workload demands and staffing demands
  • Ability to properly perform venipuncture and contrast administration

TOA is an equal opportunity employer. TOA conducts drug screens and background checks on applicants who accept employment offers