Visitor Services Coordinator
Crosstown Concourse

Company: Cushman & Wakefield | Commercial Advisors

Position: Visitor Services Coordinator

Reports To: Crosstown Concourse Property Manager

Schedule: Full-time, Tuesday through Saturday from 11:00am-7:00pm


Crosstown Concourse is hiring a full-time Visitor Services Coordinator to manage the front-of-house, central atrium area and welcome visitors, residents, students and employees to Crosstown Concourse. 

The Visitor Services Coordinator performs a high level of customer service and face-to-face communication with the public in the Central Atrium of Crosstown Concourse. This position is full-time, Tuesday-Saturday from 11:00-7:00, and requires a significant amount of time standing and walking.  The position reports to the Concourse Property Manager. 


• Manage the front-of-house reception area in the Central Atrium, including public traffic, residential visitors and deliveries, and complete general administrative duties as assigned. 

• Proactively welcome guests to Crosstown Concourse in the Central Atrium area, answering questions and directing guests to their destination, whether to businesses, organizations or events/programming. 

• Take initiative to stay informed about the history of the building and development, all Concourse tenants (including locations in the building), programming, events, and organizational information in order to provide guests with a deep sense of hospitality and accurate information upon request. 

• Ensure proper layout, organization, and cleanliness of Central Atrium, including mobile signage.

• Manage common area message boards and Vestaboard (flip board at the reception desk).

• Manage the music and use of common area speakers.

• Work closely with security and property management to monitor activity and ensure proper behavior, including managing the Bridging the Gap software to assist people in need.

• Work closely with Crosstown High staff to monitor students in the central atrium area after school.

• Work closely with the Crosstown Arts events department related to events and pop-ups in the common areas, including managing the common area speakers before and after.

• Work with the Environmental Services staff to ensure cleanliness of central and east atrium areas.

• Coordinate the Photo Pass system for guests who are hosting photo shoots on site; this includes both personal interaction and data entry. 

• Coordinate building tours and groups (media, school field trips, new employee orientation, tourism groups, etc.).

• Change out weekly/monthly/quarterly flyers in the building.

• Organize and replenish books in the Big Stair library; coordinate with the Memphis Public Library on scheduling and setting up for Storytime events.

• Assist with incoming deliveries and distribution of all packages and shipping. 


• Able to maintain a friendly, enthusiastic, and engaging public persona in all circumstances. 

• Excellent interpersonal and customer service skills. 

• High level of comfort and natural ability to interact with a diverse range of individuals and groups. 

• Comfortable initiating courteous conversation with guests who are not following policies for the public spaces. 

• Able to deescalate conflict in a polite manner. 

• Outstanding personal judgment; able to manage a range of public situations with a high level of discretion regarding the involvement of other staff, on-site security, and/or police as needed. 

• Able to multi-task and maintain a high level of professionalism while experiencing ongoing interruptions from a variety of sources. 

• High-level organizational skills and attention to detail. 


• Must have excellent customer service skills. 

• Must possess a positive attitude. 

• Must be a confident public speaker, able to work with people from all ages and backgrounds. 

• Must be able to interact with various personality traits and continue to maintain a professional demeanor with staff and visitors alike. 

• Must be responsible, flexible, punctual, and able to work well under pressure. 

• High school diploma or high school GED required. 

• Minimum of two years of customer service experience preferred 

• Comfortable multitasking. 


• Even-tempered disposition. Ability to work under pressure in a composed, focused, affable, and courteous manner, with the clear understanding that unprofessional, unkind, or unfriendly interactions with the public or other staff members are not acceptable under any circumstances. 

• Adaptable and flexible. Ability and willingness to accommodate ongoing modification to all tasks, plans and projects, including regular interruptions to workflow. 

• Prompt and timely communicator. Ability to manage a demanding level of correspondence in all forms of communication. Especially important are excellent written and verbal communication skills. 

• Collaborative. Eagerness to work collaboratively with staff. 

• Gracious with people. Ability to maintain a composed and supportive demeanor when interacting with idiosyncratic and distinctive personalities during sensitive situations. Demonstrates a good-natured, positive, and cheerful demeanor towards others at all times. 

• Enthusiastic, energetic, and positive. Ability to sustain an ongoing spirit of positivity in high-pressure and demanding situations. Great level of passion and enthusiasm surrounding delegated projects, programs, and promotional campaigns. 

• Attentive to details. Ability to maintain focus on and adjust to the constantly emerging details unique to each situation, ranging from visual/space needs to interpersonal requests from other staff and event participants. 


This is an hourly, full-time position eligible for all benefits. Pay rate commensurate with experience and skill level. 

Physical Requirements:

While performing the duties of this job, the employee is regularly required to communicate with others and exchange accurate information; constantly move about an expansive 1.2 million square foot workplace; spend a significant amount of time standing and walking; and extend hands and arms in any direction.

Crosstown Concourse is committed to supporting a diverse and equitable workplace by upholding a policy of nondiscrimination and equal opportunity for all persons regardless of race, sex, color, religion, creed, national origin or ancestry, age, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, and disability.