Do you love to break things? Seeking QA Engineers in viral e-commerce.
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Who We Are: is the world’s first print-on-demand jewelry platform, which allows entrepreneurs to sell personalized, viral products without having to carry any inventory. To date, we’ve made over $100 Million in sales and we are just getting started. 

Along with our cutting-edge platform, which allows new entrepreneurs to sell customized products without having to build a website, we also provide best-in-class training and support to our network of over 30,000 affiliates. 

Where You’ll Come In:

We know that to be successful as a dynamic startup, we need to keep our focus on innovation. Our network of affiliates is always hungry for the next hot product or the next groundbreaking feature upgrade to our platform. 

To continue our rapid growth, we’re seeking a motivated QA Engineer to develop and own our quality processes. You will work in our growing engineering team to establish standards, coach developers on testing practices, break things, and ensure our releases don’t generate user complaints.

While we were once a small startup, we’re in the midst of our breakout into a mid-size company. That said, at times we still move fast with features and expect you to keep up, gain an understanding of how to prioritize, ask for help, and maintain a good attitude as the team scales. You are here to support and empower the team as much as you are here to build better software.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, has several primary objectives: 

What You’ll Be Responsible For:

  • Assisting product teams and software engineers in capturing testing requirements to find edge cases and minimize risks when deploying our software. (10%)
  • Hypothesizing a zillion different ways to break some new form, wizard, or automation a team member just made - taking your hypotheses into action and communicating results in a useful way to ensure broken things are fixed. Plus the patience to do it all over again until that dev “gets it right”. (50%)
  • Maturing our automation infrastructure by assisting with the setup of code linting and development standards, automated testing, developer images, and vulnerability management. (15%)
  • Observing automated testing tools, logging channels, and availability monitoring to dig out bugs before they become really bad bugs. (15%)
  • Improving both your skills and the skills of those around you by constantly learning and sharing new ways of thinking and doing. (10%)

Additional Benefits: 

  1. Medical, dental, and vision.
  2. Additional benefits include STD, LTD, Life Insurance, and 401k - as well as an employer match!
  3. Generous PTO Policy.
  4. Flexible remote work policy.
  5. All the tools, training, and equipment you will need to succeed and grow in your role.
  6. A chance to learn and grow with a dynamic startup where your effort will be rewarded with more skills, more pay, and challenging yet rewarding work.

We are an equal opportunity employer and do not discriminate against an individual based on the individual's race, color, age, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, or any other protected characteristic or activity.


What You’ll Need To Bring To The Role:

  • A passion for software engineering.
  • Caring and learning.
  • 1-3 years of experience doing QA.
  • An understanding of RESTful web application routing, chrome dev tools, and a general understanding of how web apps are “put together” and the common (and creative) ways in which they can be broken.
  • Willingness to learn various observability tools we’ve implemented and use, and how to leverage them to dig up critical bugs and escalate when appropriate.

It’d Also Be Cool If You Have:

  • Experience working with databases. We use MySQL, MongoDB, and NoSQL.
  • Experience writing tests, in literally any language or form.
  • Experience with DevOps/automation/orchestration tools, such as Jenkins or GitHub actions.
  • Experience learning the basics of various programming languages, and the willingness to help debug code at times. We use Laravel (PHP), VueJS (JavaScript), and others.
  • Experience working in a global and diverse engineering team.
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