Senior Technical Specialist
WFH Flexible

Job Description

U.S. CAD is a leading provider of software services that supports the AEC&O community. Below are the major duties, responsibilities, and requirements of the Senior Technical Specialists.

The staff at U.S. CAD consistently exhibit a passion for technology and improvement of the AEC&O community. U.S. CAD staff are committed daily to living out the Company Culture and Core Values with an emphasis on teamwork, a positive attitude, and a desire to learn. The Senior Technical Specialists has a primary focus on delivering training, consulting, mentoring services, preparing and delivering software/technology demonstrations, and assisting in the preparation of scoping language for use in proposal documents. Our Senior Technical Specialists are the primary service delivery resource for U.S. CAD solutions and technologies offered. 

This position will require the candidate to work in any of the satellite office (depends on the location of the candidate) at least 1 day a week or more.


· Deliver all levels (Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced/Custom) of training, consulting, and implementation services. 

· Produce Revit templates, Revit project standards documentation, and Revit guidelines.

· Develop and conduct professional product presentations and demonstrations to help generate sales to meet U.S. CAD and Autodesk revenue objectives. 

· Assist team members with “Discovery” consultations with U.S. CAD customers to uncover and identify additional products and services to meet unrealized customer needs (i.e., workflow integration, data management tools, business process improvement, etc.) 

· Assist team members with identifying customer needs and recommendations in the form of scoping language and time estimates based on information gathered through firsthand knowledge (i.e., Discovery or Pre-Sales Calls/Meetings) and input from Sales and other technical team members.

· Provide competitive analysis of Autodesk products vs. competitive products throughout the sales cycle. 

· Partner with Sales Team members to gain and share in-depth product and customer knowledge to increase the success of sales related to Autodesk products and services as well as other U.S. CAD supported solutions. 

· Prepare and present technical demonstrations of U.S. CAD supported technology and software at trade shows and events.

· Provide technical support to customers for U.S. CAD supported solutions.

· Customize company-standard technical demonstrations to specifically address customer needs. In conjunction with sales team activities, may be required to follow up with customer technical leads to provide additional information or answer technical questions.

· Complete weekly accounting of time through entry of digital timesheets.

· *Typical Time allocation Targets for Sr. Technical Specialists are as follows:

o 50%-65% Billable hours

o 35%-45% Pre-Sales hours

o 5%-10% Overhead hours

*Individual targets may vary based on assignments and initiatives tasked to the team member.


· Maintain cutting edge experience with the Autodesk family of products and other software and technologies represented by U.S. CAD with a solid understanding of how they are used in the AEC&O industries as determined by management.

· Maintain a basic understanding of business and how organizations in the AEC&O industries perform work and deliver value to their customers. 

· Establish a high level of confidence with U.S. CAD major accounts, while maintaining an equal commitment to both small and medium sized accounts. 

· Possess a strong understanding of industry design and delivery processes, current BIM collaboration technology, and technology trends within the AEC&O community. 

· Continuously demonstrate self-improvement in the areas of teaching, mentoring, and consulting. 

· Demonstrate excellent written, verbal, and presentation skills.

· Exhibit a proactive attitude and demonstrate strong self-motivational attributes. 

· Demonstrate a sense of pride and adhere to high standards and quality personally and in their work product and services. 

· Thrive in a team atmosphere.

· Assist the Sales Department with various presales activities. 

· Possess superior organizational/time management skills and a “make-it-happen” attitude with the abilities to multi-task several projects at one time. 

· Adhere to the utmost business ethics ensuring U.S. CAD always maintains its respected image 

· Be willing and available to travel, if needed, both regionally and nationally, to provide designated services. 

· Support the success of customers by delivering technical product implementation, consulting, mentoring, training, and support services. 

· Maintain experience and understanding of the production design environment. 

· Maintain a good working attitude and a desire to be a key member of our dynamic team and make a difference in the design industry. 

· Willingness and flexibility to take on other duties and responsibilities that may be required to effectively support the needs of our customers, Autodesk, and U.S. CAD.


• Minimum of three years Revit experience with a focus in Architecture

• Held previous BIM or Revit position(s) at an Architectural Firm(s)

• Understanding of Project Lifecycles

• Ability to coordinate effectively when multiple project priorities are in conflict and provide viable solutions to internal and external customers

• Possess excellent communication and presentation skills to effectively communicate solutions/benefits of technology and services to our clients.

• Willingness to travel as required.

• Maintain experience and understanding of the production design environment.

• Maintain a good working attitude and a desire to be a key member of our dynamic team and make a difference in the Architecture design industry


Company Culture & Core Values


· Open and consistent communication at all levels

· Fun atmosphere: Happy employees are productive employees

· Lead by example

· Respect for people and process

· One team: Whether we succeed, or we fail, we do so together

· Creativity and “outside the box” thinking is highly encouraged

Core Values

· Honesty & Integrity: Words and actions in complete alignment

· Commitment to Excellent Service: Providing quality work and follow-through

· Accountability: Responsible to our coworkers, our customers and ourselves

· Trust and Mutual Respect: The foundation for win-win relationships