Madison, WI Field Operations
Job Type

Tired of the same ol' nonsense from your current company?  Do you fantasize about quitting on a weekly basis?  If so, consider joining Findorff.  A company that works hard and plays hard.  We appreciate that we're made of a band of brickies, fixers, masons, chippies, family-people, and community-people. 


Our Foundation:

At Findorff, we push ourselves to build better by going beyond. For over 132 years, we’ve forged the foundation of one of the nation’s most trusted construction firms. But we’re so much more than hammers and nails. Here, we strengthen relationships and shape communities. And our real bottom line is our people. 

Bricklayer: A day in the life (if you want to work 9am-5pm in the AC, this job is NOT for you)

  • tasks that involve a lot of physical labor
  • building or repairing walls
  • superior attention to detail
  • structural framework with bricks and mortar
  • lay or install brick, structural tile, cinder, terra cotta or stone in buildings
  • construct partitions, arches, and joints
  • cut or saw bricks to fit windows and doors
  • use chemicals to clean bricks and stone
  • finish mortar joints

Your Toolbelt:

  • a high level of physical fitness and stamina
  • enjoyment in practical work
  • working under strict deadlines
  • understanding building plans and instructions
  • good hand-eye coordination
  • comfortable working from heights
  • work as a team with other trades
  • ability to communicate well
  • willing to work in extreme weather conditions
  • flexibility in hours and locations by job

Go ahead and apply.  c'mon, you know you want to.