Detroit, MI Jobs for Michigan's Graduates
Job Type

Under the direct supervision of the Jobs for Michigan's Graduates Program Manager, the Youth Development Specialist is responsible for identifying, recruiting, and instructing participants seeking to attain a high school diploma (completion), or GED. Deliver curriculum and ensures Jobs for America’s Graduates (JAG) In-School or (Professional Association) Out of School Application Program participants complete programming and successfully transition to career and/or post-secondary education priorities.


Essential Duties and Responsibilities include the following. Plus, other assigned duties.

1. Responsible for instructing participants face to face in a classroom setting and virtually. Uses teaching techniques to provide work-based learning experiences that will lead to career advancement opportunities. Provides appropriate curriculum and ensures participants specific Jobs for America’s Graduates (JAG) competencies through classroom instruction; teaches by using a variety of methods including lectures, direct activities, and team teaching.

2. Organizes, creates, and implements new projects while evaluating and improving the existing services.

3. Ensures an appropriate pool of participants through direct recruitment and obtaining referrals from community partners to include school districts, local law enforcement, judicial system, and social services agencies; holds interviews with prospective candidates and those making referrals to determine, using JAG guidelines, the appropriateness of the prospective participant for the program.

4. Responsible for 12 months of follow up services for past participants and employer outreach.

5. Monitors, evaluates, and records program activities and program effectiveness.

6. Participates in staff, regional, and state-wide meetings, and staff development activities.

7. Mentors youth by providing assessments, job leads, advice, direction, structure, and support.

8. Responsible for job development (in partnership with Michigan Works! business teams), transition into employment, and retention.

9. Enter JAG profiles, model services/case notes and track the number of students served, services delivered, and outcomes achieved in both JAGForce/Salesforce, One Stop Management Operation System (OSMIS), Launchpad/Salesforce and other data systems.

10. Integrates youth into the Grow Detroit Young Talent (GDYT) 6-weeks of summer employment or training program to maximize resources available to them. All other duties as assigned.

11. Advocates for the program and develops a pool of effective community support resources by collaborating with employers, parents, civic groups, school districts, social services agencies, law enforcement, judicial system, and legislators to build awareness of and support for the program; develops job opportunities, participates in public relations activities, attends meetings, and speaks to various community groups.

12. Builds appreciation for teamwork, sense of belonging, and commitment to community service among JMG participants by organizing and serving as advisor to a JAG Career Association; creates training opportunities through direct activities, film presentations, guest speakers, and workshops; assists with civic and social opportunities.

13. Certify eligible youth between the ages of 14-24 for Workforce Investment Opportunity Act (WIOA) directly or indirectly implementing the required fourteen elements. 

14. Obtain CASAS certification and facilitate testing programs including pre/post-tests and career interest surveys. Establishes and implements an individual development plan or ISS for all enrolled participants.

15. Integrates youth into the Michigan Works! System to maximize resources available to them. All other duties as assigned.


Minimum Qualifications:

To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to perform each duty satisfactorily:

1. Experience working with youth accompanied by knowledge of youth development issues and resiliency strategies.

2. Skills in human relations, leadership, supervision, and motivational techniques.

3. Ability to work 12 months per year.

4. Ability to work independently while managing multiple priorities.

5. Ability to work flexible hours, evenings, and weekends.

6. Ability to establish the appropriate boundaries while developing and nurturing supportive relationships with participants.

7. Ability to educate a variety of constituencies and interested parties about the program by developing ongoing relationships and making formal presentations.

8. Ability to develop curriculum and educational opportunities consistent with the JMG Model.

9. Working knowledge of basic computer applications such as Microsoft Office Suite and ability to responsibly manage social media accounts.


Bachelor’s degree in social service, counseling, business, education, or a related discipline preferred. Equivalent combination of training, education, and experience considered. Experience working in both private sector and education, or social services. Bi-lingual (English/Spanish) a plus.


PHYSICAL DEMANDS: Standing, sitting, and walking

WORK ENVIRONMENT: Office environment. Moderate noise.

LICENSES: Valid State of Michigan Driver’s License – Position requires field work.

OTHER: Background check and drug screen required.