Sound Technician
Job Type

The Stage Manager/Sound Technician is one of four full-time I.A.T.S.E. positions employed by the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra (CSO), Cincinnati Pops (CPO) and May Festival Chorus (MFC) and reports to the Crew Steward. In coordination with the Crew Steward, this position manages technical requirements for day-to-day orchestra operations and manages the technical aspects of assigned special projects. The Stage Manager/Sound Technician also functions as an audio specialist as dictated by concert program requirements.  



  • Work all CSO, Pops and May Festival activities as required, including but not limited to rehearsals, performances, live streams, captures, pre-concert lectures, special events, tours, auditions, recording sessions, load-ins, load-outs, changeovers, etc., managing CSO crews as assigned by Crew Steward to assure the highest artistic quality, professionalism, and standards. 
  • Move and set all musical instruments and equipment as required for weekly productions, such as but not limited to, acoustic shell and ceilings, chairs, music stands, risers, podiums, keyboards, harps, percussion, stringed instruments, set pieces, props, etc., quickly mastering each instrument family/musician and all special repertoire/setup requirements unique to each.
  • Manage CSO audio department.
  • Design, operate and maintain all orchestra sound systems and related equipment.
  • Determine proper audio design positions for the orchestra at all venues (house venues, local/national/international touring venues, outdoor spaces, etc.).
  • Responsible for designing and executing microphone plots based on program requirements, direction from conductor (or other artistic leadership), setting levels, mixing and operating audio consoles.
  • Supervise and direct extra stagehands for load-ins, setups, take-downs, monitor board operations, wireless assistants, etc.
  • Work alongside guest artists, road managers or visiting sound designers to determine specific show audio needs; markup corresponding contract riders as necessary, participate in show advances.
  • Collaborate alongside guest recording producers and engineers and local radio mastering engineers, providing feeds and/or other technical assistance as needed.
  • Maintain/track all audio inventory (whether owned, rented, borrowed, etc.).
  • Oversee seasonal maintenance, installation and removal of Riverbend Music Center lawn system, consult on special audio projects/improvements as requested.
  • Obtain vendor bids and make recommendations to Crew Steward and Management for audio packages and/or other theatrical equipment as requested, maintaining existing and/or developing new equipment vendor relationships.
  • Remain current on audio design and industry trends; demo new technology when opportunities arise, seeking these opportunities whenever possible.
  • Load/unload trucks; supervise the loading & un-loading of exceptionally-valuable musical instruments & equipment from equipment trucks; supervise the handling of Orchestra cargo by cargo companies when needed.
  • Perform and/or manage general maintenance and repair on all orchestra-owned technical equipment.
  • Attend weekly production department meetings when assigned, participate in staff team-building exercises, including annual performance reviews.
  • Support the organization’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) initiatives as well as supporting a respectful organizational culture.
  • Other duties as assigned.
  • Minimum 10 years’ experience as a stage technician.
  • Minimum 5 years’ previous house experience, evidence of proven leadership skills.
  • Superior knowledge of all facets of stagecraft, with particular expertise in audio/electrics; proficient with analog and digital audio consoles, processing and associated software.
  • Prior knowledge of orchestral production, with willingness to learn further.
  • Working knowledge of industry practices and standards.
  • Strong interpersonal skills with ability to work successfully with a multitude of personalities, such as visiting artists, road managers, orchestral/choral musicians, etc.
  • Demonstrate collaborative spirit when working with staff and board colleagues; team player who is able to give, take and follow direction.
  • Detail-oriented and organized, excellent time management skills with the ability to work successfully in a fast-paced, time-sensitive environment; calm under pressure.
  • Quick learner, with high aptitude and accuracy; critical thinker/problem solver; flexible.
  • Able to delegate.
  • Computer/smart phone literate, possessing basic administrative skills
  • Able to travel locally, nationally and internationally, possibly for extended periods of time, based on Orchestra’s schedule.
  • Able to work long hours with little-to-no schedule flexibility, including most weekends and some evenings/holidays.
  • Able to frequently move and lift instruments and equipment weighing up to 75 pounds 

Final Candidate(s): During and/or following the interview process, management reserves the right to offer a “trial week” or “trial weeks” to one or more candidates before making a final hiring determination. CSO also reserves the right to include a probationary period at the onset of employment. Employment start date is negotiable.