Enterprise Risk Analyst
Carmel, IN Merchants Bank of Indiana
Job Type

Summary: The Enterprise Risk Analyst supports the Risk Management team regarding all aspects of the enterprise-wide risk management program for an assigned business unit(s) that may impact enterprise-level performance. Responsibilities include (a) managing the key elements of the Company’s Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) program, including but not limited to risk identification, assessment, monitoring and reporting, (b) advising on risks and risk analysis on new products, services, and stress scenarios, (c) assisting with applicable regulatory exams, and (d) collaborating and advising on risk events.

Expected Outcomes:

The risk management team establishes and maintains Merchants’ risk management program and provides oversight, including challenges to and independent assessment of management’s execution of its risk management practices. We manage risk according to the ERM Policy and risk management framework and ensure all employees understand their individual accountability for managing risk.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Partner with an assigned business unit(s) to understand the business and act as an advisor.
  • Facilitate, advise and/or conduct risk and control assessments of processes, products, services and projects as part of the overall enterprise-wide risk and control self-assessment and other targeted assessments, including documentation of such assessments.
  • Provide input on identification of risks and related controls.
  • Assist with identification and resolution of risk gaps and control enhancements for risk events and new products/services.
  • Assist with software implementation or other change management with mapping processes and identifying risks and related controls to help ensure the business unit’s needs are met while balancing risk considerations.
  • Assist with stress testing scenarios, including data preparation, documentation, and understanding of stress testing results.
  • Maintain the inventory of models and tools and assists model owners with documentation, reviewing model validation results, and compiling necessary model risk reporting in accordance with the Model Risk Management program.
  • Provide analysis of risk trends and comparisons of risk indicators to established risk limits and thresholds, coordinating with risk owners to understand root cause and drivers of trends, and incorporate conclusions into the risk reporting of the assigned business unit(s). Create and provide risk reports, including both quantitative analytics and qualitative narrative discussion.
  • Assist in monitoring the implementation of action plans identified from management self-reported issues, regulators, risk events and risk assessments and perform a quality assurance review of evidence to support issue management regarding closure or completion of remediation plans.
  • Participate in monitoring and testing activities, providing results and recommendations to business unit(s) stakeholders.
  • Collaborate with the business unit(s) on regulatory or third-party exams/reviews.
  • Help maintain the Company’s Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) platform for the assigned business unit(s).
  • Keep abreast of industry developments and trends including changes in regulations and technology and identifying emerging risks.
  • Promote and maintain a positive work atmosphere by behaving and communicating in a positive, professional manner in order to work effectively with co-workers, management, partners, and vendors.
  • Ensure compliance with all banking laws, rules, regulations, and prescribed policies/practices/procedures necessary to reduce risk and uphold ethical standards related to and required by one’s duties.
  • Bachelor’s degree in a business-related field required with minimum of 2 years’ experience in relevant enterprise risk management, auditing or business process.
  • Experience in banking or a financial services industry background preferred.
  • Strong proficiency with enterprise risk management and model risk frameworks. Prior experience in performing process mapping, risk statements, identification of controls and control evaluation a plus.
  • High attention to detail and excellent analytical skills required.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills needed as well as maintain confidentiality required.

All employees are expected to contribute to the overall success of the organization by performing requested duties regardless of explicit inclusion in the job description or reasonable relation to an employee’s primary role. Additionally, all employees must understand and adhere to all federal and state laws and banking regulations and company policies and procedures applicable to assigned job responsibilities, including compliance as appropriate under the Bank Secrecy Act and Anti-Money Laundering regulations.

Additionally, all employees are expected to demonstrate the following Core Competencies:

Professionalism – acting with responsibility, integrity and accountability; demonstrating consistent trustworthiness and reliability; always remaining flexible, adaptable and willing to accept coaching; building and managing professionally healthy relationships; deliberately managing career decisions; and continually developing awareness of business-related topics.

Communication – understanding various active and passive tools and styles and their effects; and exhibiting appropriate, effective, timely use of tools and styles to connect, collaborate, facilitate teamwork and serve customers.

Work Quality – demonstrating an ongoing commitment to compliance, safety and security; executing work with efficiency, a sense of urgency and attention to detail; and displaying organized work practices and a results-oriented mindset.

Analytical Ability – navigating work-related circumstances with practical, sound reasoning; and demonstrating creativity in problem solving.

Leadership – displaying good judgment and certainty in decision making; taking initiative with job-related demands; demonstrating innovative thinking and sound planning with business practices; managing individual performance toward shared organizational goals; and thinking strategically to set and accomplish goals.

Merchants Bancorp and its affiliates and subsidiaries are committed to being equal opportunity employers. All job candidates and incumbents will be assessed based on only criteria relevant to successfully performing the job as defined in this job description and as generally accepted in the job’s relevant industries.