Substitute Teacher
Gig Harbor, WA Substitutes
Job Type


  • Must be a born-again Christian.
  • Must be a credible Christian role model whose godly lifestyle and character demonstrate obedience to God and the Holy Bible.
  • Must be able to support and comply with the school’s Statement of Faith and Statement of Conduct.
  • Must have an understanding of and commitment to Lighthouse Christian School educational objectives and philosophy of education.
  • Must have sufficient health and physical endurance to be able to complete assigned responsibilities.



  • Displays a personal decorum that models professionalism, modesty, and good taste
  • Models Christian virtues in attitude, speech, and action

- Exhibits the fruit of the Spirit (Gal. 5:22, 23)

- Models and cultivates habits of prayer, faith, and encouragement in self and others

- Commits and contributes to a local church

  • Possesses a solid and growing knowledge of the Scripture and Christianity


  • Facilitates positive, productive interactions in the classroom
  • Demonstrates genuine care and respect for students
  • Engages students in lessons/tasks in a productive & enthusiastic manner
  • Students exhibit cordial respect for teacher
  • Students are polite, respectful, and encouraging to one another
  • Teacher maintains proper control of classroom


  • Follows lesson plans outlined by teacher

-- States a clear objective for each lesson

-- Checks for understanding and adjusts when necessary

-- Corrects student errors appropriately and sensitively

  • Instills a Biblical worldview in students

-- Makes direct connection to Scripture when appropriate

-- Guides students to evaluate content against a Biblical worldview

-- Encourages students towards faith in and obedience to God

  • Creates opportunities for student participation and active learning

-- Uses Q & A, discussions, role playing, and other methods that facilitate active participation

-- Provides adequate opportunities for guided practice and independent practice


  • Provides classroom teacher notes on student progress, performance, and conduct

-- Keeps students, parents, and administration adequately informed and involved to remedy academic or behavior deficiencies

  • Contributes to the general well-being and improvement of the school

-- Regularly monitor for substitute teacher job openings

-- Collaborates and cooperates with grade level team members

  • Completes other tasks assigned by administration


The following responsibilities are specific to individual grade levels and/or teaching disciplines

  • Attends planning meetings as required
  • Teaches core subjects according to Lighthouse’s GLE’s
  • Assists specialists to integrate projects
  • Provides leadership and advocacy to ensure a successful, growing program at Lighthouse Christian
  • Must have ACSI certification within one year of hire
  • Attends and participates in school events as required
Salary Description