Job Type


Provide supplemental instructional support to eligible students. 

ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES include the following. Other duties may be assigned.

  • Deliver interventions to students based on the instructional plans developed by the Title I Teacher and/or the General Education Teacher. Interventions may include support in the form of small group and/or individualized instruction, tutoring, guided practice, or other techniques, as guided by the teacher.
  • Report back to the Title I Teacher and/or General Education Teacher on the outcomes of the interventions conducted by keeping daily student outcome reports
  • Administer assessments and screeners that will contribute to the teachers' decisions in regards to:

      -Determining eligibility for entry into Title I program

      -Creating appropriate interventions


      -Exiting students from the Title I program

  • May attend parent/teacher conferences as needed to support the teacher in communicating with parents about student performance, behavior, or other topics.
  • Maintain student files as requested and required by the needs of federal, state and local guidelines to track student progress. Maintain the confidentiality of student records and student information.
  • Maintain activity logs and time and effort documentation that comply with regulatory requirements
  • Maintain constant communication with Title I Teachers and General Education Teachers regarding the progress of and concerns about Title I students
  • May serve as an active member of teams such as RTI team, data team, PBS team, school improvement team, etc.
  • Assist the teacher in communicating and upholding behavior and conduct expectations found in the school-wide behavior management plan; assist in maintaining a safe and secure environment in the classroom.
  • Other duties as assigned.

· Completed two years of study at an institution of higher education; or obtained an associate’s (or higher) degree; or be able to demonstrate through a formal State or local academic assessment

· Knowledge of and the ability to assist in instructing, reading, writing, and mathematics (or, as appropriate, reading readiness, writing readiness, and mathematics readiness).


· Evidence of successful experience in student and parent relations as evidenced through prior experience in personal or professional settings.

· Demonstrated proficiency in an instructional support capacity, as acquired through prior experience in tutoring, teaching or similar work experience.

· Willingness to learn

· Flexible