Teachers Assistant - Toddler
Job Type

The Preschool Classroom Teacher’s Assistant will be responsible for classroom activities and one-to-one audition, speech and language work as a cooperative teacher’s Assistant working with the Preschool Classroom teacher, speech/language pathologist and Co-Directors of Clarke Jacksonville. The classroom may have as many as 5 to 8 children with hearing-impairments.


  • To create an environment which fosters independence, confidence, creativity, respect for materials and the people in the environment and is conducive to enjoyment in learning.
  • To facilitate children’s interaction with a curriculum which is child-centered, based on basic principles of child development, and will provide children with problem-solving skills and a foundation for acquiring knowledge which is more content-related in the elementary years.
  • To provide a comfortable, supportive environment for parents in which they are respected, encouraged to observe their children, and supported in their efforts to parent their hearing-impaired children.
  • To observe children in the classroom and record information related to all aspects of the child’s developmental profile to be used later in reports.
  • To maximize opportunities for auditory and language learning in the classroom.
  • To facilitate children’s communication in the classroom and ensure carryover of activities between the classroom and individualized sessions.
  • The role of the classroom Teacher’s Assistant is primarily to assist the classroom teacher with facilitating and observing in the classroom.
  • To engage individual and small groups of students, on a daily basis, in activities that contributes to the development of auditory and spoken language skills.
  • To assist Preschool Teacher with preparing materials for the classroom at the beginning of the program and to assist in reorganizing the classroom at the end of the school day.
  • To assist Preschool Teacher with playground supervision and indoor supervision of playtime during inclement weather.

Qualifications necessary for this position include:

  • an educational background and experience in early childhood education
  • training in auditory/oral education of hearing-impaired children and/or experience in parent counseling is preferred.
  • High School graduate and experience with children required
  • Bachelor studies in Early Childhood Education preferred.
  • Day care courses are accepted.

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