Dean of Student Life - High School



Serves as a liaison and a resource for students, teachers, parents and administration, working directly with and on behalf of PRCA High School students. Administers discipline under the direction of the High School Principal. 



  • Provides instruction, application and interpretation of the Student Parent Handbook on school policies and procedures to teachers, parents and students. 
  • Disciplines students and communicates with parents and teachers when infractions occur. Discipline is detailed, Biblically consistent and restorative in nature. Documents disciplinary and counseling notes in the school portal as a record keeper of events. 
  • Provides spiritual counsel and encouragement to struggling students so that they can remain at school and participate in classes for the day (or makes the call when they need to be sent home). 
  • Provides guidance and oversight to planning for and at high school activities and events (Lion’s Pride, traditional ceremonies and student leadership) on an as-needed basis. 
  • Provides oversight to the PRCA community regarding the mental and emotional health of the Upper School student body including heading a (future) Mental and Emotional Health Committee; and planning and executing the school-wide Health and Safety Day (bi-annually). 


  • Attends the Instructional Leadership Committee meetings and scheduled parent-teacher meetings for individual, struggling students. 
  • Runs grade checks (via Blackbaud) for all High school students at least three times per quarter and serves as a recourse to classroom teachers when they struggle with individual students. 
  • Is present at occasional after-school functions (i.e. school dances, senior class traditions, Nights of Worship). The Dean will also help to enforce school uniform compliance.
  • Future functions will likely include expanded parent education and resources on Biblical parenting, and mental and emotional health in teenagers. 



The position currently serves in a 10-month plus one week modified contract. The hours for this position are from 7:30 AM to 3:30 PM on school days. Lunchtime is generally the busiest period of the day, so there are no built-in break times. Checking bathrooms during chapel, assemblies and homerooms and throughout the day are also required. It is essential that the person serving in the position is available when the High School Principal is not, which generally means letting the front desk know where you are at all points in the school day. The Dean of Student Life helps manage the car line before school and coordinates with other administration for daily morning announcements. 

  •  Education: Bachelor’s: Degree from a regionally accredited college or university 
  • Preference in experience as a teacher or key staff member within the PRCA community
  • Strong communicator, both written and verbal. 
  • Ability to manage many details and functions at the same time.