Interventionist - Math/Reading
Job Type

Provide targeted academic interventions for eligible students; plan cooperatively with general education classroom teachers to identify eligible students as determined by the funding source, and to plan effective teaching techniques, strategies, tools, activities, and assessments.


ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES include the following.  Other duties may be assigned.

·         Create an environment that is conducive to learning, including classroom, small-group, one-on-one, and other instructional settings.

·         Plan academic interventions to meet the needs of individual students, as defined by their eligibility for interventions and by planning cooperatively with general education classroom teachers.   Independently and in cooperation with classroom teachers, develop effective strategies, tools, activities and settings for delivery of academic interventions.  May provide interventions independently or in conjunction with other staff members, depending on the needs of individual students or groups of students. Will frequently adjust the place, setting and form of instructional activities in order to meet student needs.

·         Establish clear objectives for all interventions, either independently or in conjunction with classroom teachers or teaching teams, along with related assessments; ensure that interventions are aligned with state curriculum, school-wide curriculum goals, specific program goals, and teacher lesson plans as applicable.

·         Evaluate student data frequently, independently and in conjunction with classroom teachers, to ensure interventions are having the desired effect, or to plan for adjustments as needed.

·         Maintain accurate and complete records including individual student records of interventions performed, student progress, and any other funding-related record keeping required.


·  Bachelor’s degree with subject area emphasis (e.g. mathematics, reading, language arts, education) desired; minimum of 90 college credit hours required.

·  Able to identify and implement appropriate academic interventions for eligible students, and ability to assess student achievement on such assessments, as acquired through degree in education or appropriate subject areas, or through equivalent combination of education and experience.

·  State teacher licensure/certification highly desirable but not required.

·  Demonstrated commitment to young people’s learning success and achievement.

·  Demonstrated proficiency at providing large group, small group and individual instruction in academic areas, as acquired through prior experience in a teaching or tutoring capacity.

·  Evidence of ability to plan own activity and to work cooperatively with other staff members for planning purposes; able to frequently adjust the location, setting and pace of work.