Special Education Teacher
Job Type

A major portion of the special education teacher’s time should be spent in the regular education classroom.

ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES include the following and are specific areas of support in the regular classroom:

  • Provide direct services to special education students that are supportive of the general education teacher.
  • Provide consultation and assistance to general education teachers for planning, making adaptations and accommodations for special education students.
  • Team teach with general education teachers who have special education students that require direct special education teacher instruction in the following instructional areas: language arts, mathematics, science and social studies.
  • Assist general education teacher in providing supervision to volunteers and teacher aides who assist teachers in making curriculum modifications, adapting assignments and providing individualized support to special education students.
  • Assist teachers and the school social worker in developing and implementing behavior intervention plans for students on his/her caseload.
  • Consult with general education teachers in assigning grades and developing evaluative measures for students on his/her caseload.

Other duties may be assigned.


The following are essential duties and responsibilities which require time outside the classroom:

  • Participate in child study teams and assist with the evaluation of educational needs and intervention strategies for students suspected of being handicapped.
  • Schedule and conduct IEPT meetings.
  • Identify student deficits and strengths and write individual students goals, objectives, transition plans and education plans (IEP).
  • Work as a member of the Multi-disciplinary Evaluation Team (MET) for students referred for special education services.
  • Assist teachers with curriculum and classroom activity adaptations and modifications.
  • Serve as liaison to parents of special education students and encourage their participation in the program of services.

Other duties may be assigned.


  • Bachelor’s degree; teacher certification with special education endorsement(s) - OR - master’s degree and other qualifications to enable application for temporary or full approval as special education teacher.
  • Experience: none required; successful special education teaching experience preferred.
  • Skilled in interviewing, individual and group treatment techniques.
  • Ability to formulate eligibility recommendations for special education students.
  • Demonstrated initiative and understanding in working with students, parents/guardians, teachers and staff.
  • Ability to communicate effectively both orally and written communications.
  • Ability to make decisions in accordance with board policies and established procedures.