Listing Agent

Job Description - Listing Agent

Watters International Realty has been turning the Real Estate Industry on its head since 2010. Our unique approach to marketing has made us one of the top Real Estate companies in the US. Just ask the Wall Street Journal, or Inc.500, or the Austin Business Journal, or more importantly - ask our clients. Our success has brought growth. We have expanded from Austin to San Antonio and Dallas/Fort Worth. And our expansion continues. We have franchise affiliates in over 20 markets throughout the US and Canada. All of this growth means opportunity. So if you are looking for an opportunity to join a team focused on success, contribute at a high level and quite often build processes and procedures that will forever have your name on them - give us a call.


This opportunity is for experienced real estate sales professionals. The ‘one-time close’ appointments will create a need for instant knowledge only obtainable through field experience. Listing Agents are expected to perform on average two to three listing appointments per day. 

THE MARKET: Austin Metroplex


Our agents receive the support of our unique Office of the Future. Unlike most real estate agents, who work all by themselves, Watters International Realty is a team of specialists who each have a specific role to play in the process of buying or selling a home. This all begins with the Market Manager who leads, trains and coaches the agents in their specific market. Our Administrative staff handles the paperwork and details which will free agents to focus on the prequalified leads that we will supply. We provide the advertising, the support staff, and the latest technology and our full time coaching - all free for our agents. Freeing you up to help them get better, smarter and more successful every day. 



  • Must possess personality traits of likeability and persuasiveness, along with enough attention to detail to screen for potential issues and stay on top of follow-up with prospects as well as current and past clients.
  • Must exhibit an attitude of positivity, magnetism and calm under pressure.
  • Must be able to work well in concert with the Closing Coordinator Team to execute marketing and closing actions and create Raving Fan Clients.
  • Must manage time wisely and be on time and prepared for each listing appointment.
  • Be available after-hours to handle issues while Closing Coordinators are off duty.
  • Master the listing presentation, objection handlers and compliance issues in order to successfully close a listing appointment in the client’s home or elsewhere, and guide clients with disclosures and other items to be left behind for completion.
  • Help Closing Coordinators present offers
  • Complete one to two weekly check-in calls to keep client satisfaction above 9.5 (Net Promoter Score.)
  • Work with cooperating brokers to push past issues with showings, answer specific questions from the seller, etc.

**This is a 1099 uncapped commissions position.**