Center Grove Team Lead for Food Locations
Job Type

 A team lead’s role is a motivational role with Center Grove Orchard. Successful leaders speak well and listen better, your goal is to make our staff work as a team and by doing this each of them will grow as an individual. This is a WIN for everyone!!

  • Leadership Skills- what does this mean? CGO want our TL to guide their staff and prepare their staff for each shift and guide them on their role of responsibilities and duties
  • Attention to detail – Detail? Overseeing the duties of the staff members and making sure they are following through with each duty that is given to them. Follow out on the training that was shown ensure it is done correctly.
  • Employee training experience – What makes this fun and rememberable? Training, make it fun, but also make it so they understand and learn from it. Training is a very important part of CGO, so we need to make sure each employee that is trained is done in the same way each time. So, make yourself follow through with repetitious training skills.
  • Setting team workloads – What is a workload? Review and assess staff duties assignment to them that need to be done throughout the day. Know what employees you have for what shifts, so you can be preparing for each staff placement.
  • Provide onsite resolution to CGO guests needs – Resolution?? If a customer needs assistance with locating an attraction, food venue, store questions, etc., how do we handle? Please address with the staff depending on the question who can handle and when a team lead may be needed. We always want to assist our guest issues in a timely and courteous fashion. Example: This may mean if needed to walk with the customer to show them where the attraction or a food venue may be.
  • Responsible for assigning and monitoring employee breaks – Breaks It is important that we give our staff breaks as they work hard, and everyone should be able to sit and enjoy some time off their shifts. Reminder breaks are given after they have been on their shift for 4 hours. During the weekend’s lunches are served 11am-4pm for staff.
  • Ensure employees work toward company goals – Goals?? How do we know what the company goals are?? The main goal is to make our guests have memories that last a lifetime, make sure our staff enjoys working at CGO. Ensure we are following our training guidelines. If this is done, all goals for the company will be met.
  • You are part of a team that has a team under your supervision that is working towards making memories that will last a lifetime for our guests Enjoy your job and your team will enjoy theirs?? 

Team Lead Responsibilities

  • Help communicate the Center Grove Orchard’s vision to employees helping staff to meet those objectives. 
  • Praise Staff: Team Leaders need to set clear goals and deadlines for employees, delegating tasks and motivating teams to achieve specific tasks. Team Lead’s must measure their team’s performance and create an atmosphere that promotes growth. Praise your team when you have good and bad days, there is only something to be learned from a day with errors, but those days will eventually turn into high five days!
  • Model a no-drama approach yourself: Team members will take their cues from you. If you gossip, react strongly to difficult news, are often in crisis mode, or regularly have interpersonal conflicts, you’re likely to see that behavior on your team as well. But if you’re calm, cultivate a sense that everyone is on the same team, don’t overreact, don’t indulge in gossip, and take a low-key approach to office politics and interpersonal relationships, you’ll reinforce the behavior that you want to see from your staff. 
  • Respect: Employees who actively engage in workplace drama wonder why their leaders don’t do anything to stop it. As a leader, it is more important to be respected than to be liked. Productive employees want to work in a place where they can be successful if the workplace is full of drama they can not thrive in their position.
  • Negativity – This affects the workplace and other factors that can affect employee morale and work ethic, it can also increase turnover. Lead by example model the behavior that you want to see; habits are not easy to change especially bad ones. Show your team by leading and how to interact with each other.

Salary Description