Curriculum Coach
Job Type


Assist the School Leader in improving the quality of instruction at the Academy at an aggregate level as well as at the classroom and student level.  Supports teachers in planning and delivering high-quality instruction by giving feedback, sharing best practices, and providing resources.  Provide data to the School Leader to support effective assessment and training.  May assist the Leader in planning and facilitating teacher collaboration and professional learning communities.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

. Develop, with the collaboration of the teacher, clear, realistic and important instructional goals, professional development goals that are standards based and reflect the individual needs of the teacher.

. Guide, teach, influence, and support teachers in planning and delivering high quality instruction in the classroom through reflection, collaboration, and shared inquiry. Observe teachers and review lesson plans and other teacher-generated documents, and give constructive feedback for improvement. 

. Share methods, materials, and other resources through modeling and other best practices to enhance teacher effectiveness.

. Provide meaningful, timely feedback to teachers on ways to improve teaching skills. 

. Monitor the implementation of teaching and learning processes in classrooms.

. Research instructional resources that best benefit the individual classroom teacher.

. Employ coaching processes that foster increased autonomy in direction and responsibility.

. Provide guidance with educational programs while incorporating effective processes to achieve desired programmatic goals.

. Impart a repertoire of teaching methods, intervention strategies, and alternative modalities of learning that affect student achievement.

. Facilitate reflective thinking and self-advocacy by being a neutral and active listener.

. Advocate on behalf of the students to ensure quality of education for all and to accomplish the school’s educational goals.

. Promote on behalf of the classroom teacher, with the school administration, suitable professional development.

. Determine the appropriate research-based resources necessary to improve the instructional abilities and skills of the individual teacher.

. Maintain consistent communication with the School Leader to share data, thoughts and observations and to celebrate successes and troubleshoot program issues.

. Other duties as assigned.


Required Qualifications

. Superior teaching skills, as acquired through a current teaching certificate/license, 3-5 years of teaching experience, and demonstrated success in teaching as evidenced by student assessment data and other evidence.

. Ability to effectively share information and skills regarding data, curriculum, instruction, and assessment with school staff using a variety of coaching processes, e.g., verbal explanation, modeling, co-teaching, observing, conducting study groups, and other forms of professional development, as acquired through prior experience as a lead teacher, instructional coach, consultant, or comparable role.

. Ability to conduct classroom walkthroughs and observations for the purpose of identifying areas of strengths, weaknesses and professional development needs of the classroom teacher.

. Ability to create and maintain positive and supportive relationships with the principal and school staff.

. Ability to recognize the need for and knowledge of how to train staff to map and align the curriculum.

. Knowledge of how to disaggregate student data for instructional planning.

. Ability to develop and implement differentiated instructional methods that correspond to specific student needs.

. Knowledge of how to select appropriate instructional practices for various student groups.

. Understanding of how to appropriately use diagnostic tools and formative assessments to determine appropriate instruction. Familiar with a variety of instruments, technology tools and other resources for assessing and enhancing student performance.