Teacher of the Deaf or Speech Language Pathologist
Canton, MA Barbara Hecht
Job Type
Full-time, Contract

The teacher will be responsible for the following:

  • Prepare lesson plans to meet IEP goals and objectives and state learning standards and frameworks.
  • Implement the curriculum
  • Maintain a positive classroom learning environment conducive to optimum student achievement.
  • Determine standards for classroom behavior and provide discipline measures for students according to the standards set by school policy.  Assist in development and implementation of behavior management programs as deemed appropriate.
  • Assist students in developing personal/social skills, which may include proper personal hygiene skills, interpersonal relationship skills, etc.
  • Exhibit competency in use and maintenance of auditory equipment, including student personal hearing aids and processors and classroom amplification.  Insure proper student use and care of personal and school amplification.
  • Exhibit competency in use and maintenance of instructional media equipment, including Smartboards, computers and computer programs.
  • Maintain appropriate records and reports (grades, attendance, progress reports, clinic reports, permanent records) and assist in conferencing with parents.
  • Become familiar with all emergency procedures and school rules, and enforce all policies, rules and procedures.
  • Be responsible for the effective utilization of teacher aide within classroom setting as assigned by the Lead Teacher.
  • Assist in the preparation of students’ IEP’s and participate in team meetings.
  • Assist in development of curricular materials.
  • Serve as cooperating teacher for student teachers.
  • Be punctual and regular in attending class, faculty meetings, department meetings, staff development meetings, conferences and other school related duties.
  • Perform all required functions in an efficient and timely manner.
  • Cooperate effectively and professionally in all matters maintaining student confidentiality.
  • Exhibit appropriate grooming and dress serving as an acceptable role model for students.
  • Serve on school committees.
  • Adhere to all policies and procedures as stated in the Clarke Schools for Hearing & Speech Employee Handbook Guidelines.
  • Perform other instructional and supervisory duties as assigned.
  • Use formal and informal procedures to evaluate student progress and achievement.
  • Master’s degree in Education of the Deaf or Speech Language Pathology (or similar field)
  • Valid and current certification in the appropriate area
  • Effective planning and organizational skills
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Flexibility
  • Ability to be a contributing team member
  • Knowledge of curriculum in subject area
  • Awareness of state and federal regulations applying to special education students
  • Knowledge of various learning styles and instructional techniques
  • Knowledge of normal child development
  • Commitment to professional growth
  • Commitment to the mission of the school
  • Commitment to listening and spoken language




Title IX Notice of Nondiscrimination: Clarke Schools does not discriminate on the basis of sex in admission, administration of its educational programs or activities or employment.  Clarke Schools is required by Title IX and its implementing regulations at 34 C.F.R. Part 106 not to discriminate on the basis of sex in admission, administration of its educational programs or activities or employment.   The Director, Human Resources, Andrea Harkins, BS, SHRM-CP, 45 Round Hill Road, Northampton, MA 01060, telephone number 413-582-1155, has been designated as the employee responsible for coordinating Clarke Schools efforts to comply with and carry out its responsibilities under Title IX. Inquiries concerning the application of Title IX and its implementing regulations at 34 C.F.R. Part 106 to Clarke Schools may be referred to Andrea Harkins or to the U.S. Department of Education, Office for Civil Rights, at 400 Maryland Avenue, SW, Washington, DC 20202-1100, telephone number 800-421-3481.