Program Director - Boston
Job Type

The Program Director is responsible for staffing, curriculum design & development, budgeting, instructional implementation, and compliance responsibilities. This is a regular full-time salaried position and reports to the Chief Program Officer.


Essential Duties and Responsibilities:


  • Ensure that listening and spoken language strategies/techniques are implemented on campus
  • Ensure that curriculum, programs, and services are compliant with all laws and regulations
  • Ensure the development of school policies and procedures are consistent with Clarke’s overall vision, mission, and strategic plan
  • Lead and participate in the measurement, assessment and improvement of academic standards, curriculum, services, and programs to produce quality student education with optimal outcomes through the use of formal tests, diagnostic teaching, and observation.
  • Ensure policies, practices and monitoring protocols are in place to ensure all documentation is prepared and maintained in accordance with guidelines and regulatory requirements for monitoring students’ auditory, speech, language, and academic success.
  • Communicate goals, vision, and needs to all constituents including staff, parents, community, administration and Board.
  • Participate and/or support staff in IFSP’s, IEP’s, district relationship contracts, etc. keeping abreast of local, state, and federal regulations and policies for education.
  • Adhere to and effectuate the health, safety and emergency procedures and protocols as developed and provided by Clarke’s Health and Safety Manager.


  • Responsible to hire and develop staff which include professional staff, administration , and others at respective campus.
  • Provide supervision and staff performance evaluations in a timely manner consistent with the organizations and state      Department of Education’s established practices, policies, and requirements.
  • Identify and support Professional Development Opportunities including online learning platforms, live and on-demand web      seminars, and certificate programs, for professional staff
  • Supervise the provision of direct services as needed to infants/toddlers and Early Education program and their families      
  • Create an environment which fosters independence, confidence, creativity, and respect, and is conducive to enjoyment in learning
  • Develop a staff culture that supports the execution of the overall strategic plan of Clarke


  • Manage and develop an annual departmental budget
  • Be accountable for expense management and team financial efficiency targets while maintaining superior quality and service outcomes.
  • Exhibit responsibility for establishing and maintaining budget targets and team's impact to achievement of financial goals. Communicate the availability of resources and constraints to staff.


Education, licenses, certifications, skills, and experience

  • At  least 5 years of experience as an Administrator in an educational environment 
  • Possess one of the following: Certification/Licensure/Degree in Deaf Education, Special Education , Speech Language Pathology or General Education
  • ASHA certification and/or license may be required (depending on educational qualifications)
  • Knowledge of curriculum and instructional design and delivery systems in early education
  • Expertise and competencies required of a supervisor including knowledge of the law, budgets, ethics, and performance appraisals
  • Experience and knowledge of educator effectiveness
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Demonstrated decision-making skills
  • Demonstrated presentation skills
  • Ability to facilitate stakeholder’s involvement in shared decision-making
  • Ability to build relationships with different stakeholders