Student Experience Specialist
Boston, MA Boston Ballet School
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The heart of Boston Ballet is the human experience. Through our living and breathing art, we forge human connections—between artist and attendee, teacher and trainee, friend and newcomer, one's outer and inner self. We believe that the community of employees that makes dance possible is better together when talented individuals with varied life experiences, identities, races, cultures and ideas are welcomed, encouraged, and heard.

The Student Experience Specialist for Boston Ballet School (BBS) is a full-time, non-exempt position reporting to the Assistant Manager of Student Experience. We are looking for a motivated arts administrator with excellent communication skills and an instinct for family- and student-centered customer service. This individual will be a critical, family-facing representative for several Boston Ballet School initiatives, developing and maintaining relationships with hundreds of families on behalf of the organization. 

Key programs and projects that the Student Experience Specialist will work on include:

· Summer Dance Program (SDP) – registration, daily operations

· Graduate Program (GP) – registration, daily operations, student support

· Professional Division at Walnut Hill (WH) – liaison for overlapping recruitment efforts, performances, and

other BBS/WH engagement opportunities

· Special Events – community events, recruitment events, end-of-year performances, etc.

· Studio Rentals


Student and Family Relationships: The Student Experience Specialist will be the primary contact for students and families during audition and onboarding periods for both SDP and the Graduate Program. The Specialist must oversee a high volume of customer service inquiries, as approximately 2,000 students audition for SDP each winter and 600 students enroll for the summer. As the primary family-facing voice for the organization, the Specialist must take care to cultivate relationships and represent BBS in a positive light.

Summer Dance Program Operations: Working closely with the Assistant Manager of Student Experience, the Specialist will help coordinate all logistics for SDP over the course of the spring and execute them during the program. The Specialist will work closely with multiple vendors and partners to provide a high-quality experience for all students and staff members involved.

Graduate Program Support: Working closely with the Assistant Manager of Student Experience and the Graduate Program Rehearsal Director, the Specialist will support the daily operations for Boston Ballet’s Graduate Program – a small group of students in the highest level of Boston Ballet School who train and rehearse closely with Boston Ballet’s company. The Specialist will help maintain and communicate daily schedules, assist the Graduate students with any day-to-day needs, and help coordinate on-site Physical Therapy or off-site medical appointments.

SDP Audition Tour Operations: The Specialist will participate in the scheduling and execution of BBS’ annual January audition tour. The multi-city tour, which may also include several virtual options, involves managing multiple internal schedules while interfacing with representatives from partner schools.

Walnut Hill Liaison: Working closely with the Admissions Department and the Director of Dance at Walnut Hill, the Specialist will assist in managing overlapping recruitment efforts for Boston Ballet School’s Professional Division and Summer Dance Program. Additionally, the Specialist will play a key role in facilitating any initiatives or experiences designed for Walnut Hill students hosted by Boston Ballet School.

Studio Rentals: The Student Experience Specialist will manage rentals at the Boston Ballet School studios, primarily working with representatives from other national ballet schools to book studios for their own winter audition tours.

Special Events: Partnering with Directors, Managers and Faculty, the Specialist will assist with several critical student experience events and performances each year, including but not limited to: Spring Showcase, SDP Performances, Back-to-School Blitz, Open Houses, and Town Halls.

General Administrative Responsibilities: At any given time, any Full-Time administrator may be asked to perform shared studio operations responsibilities in the Boston or Newton studios. This requires administrators to be responsible for customer care for students and families and is work performed during on-site shifts occurring from 11:30am-9:00pm, and/or weekends.


· A commitment to and understanding of diversity, equity, and inclusion

· Comfort providing friendly, engaged, and empathetic customer service via email and phone, with the ability to positively represent the organization and its programs

· The ability to communicate large amounts of information in a clear, concise, and organized manner

· Ability to manage a high volume of work and prioritize items on a to-do list

· Ability to evaluate and update existing procedures and operations as needed

· Working knowledge of Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word

Boston Ballet requires all employees to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19, as a condition of employment unless the employee is entitled to a religious or medical exemption.