Lead Youth Care Worker


We are committed to supporting at risk children and families providing them with tools and resources to help prevent children from experiencing child abuse, neglect and abandonment. We are a Christian agency that believes in living our mission, we provide Christ-centered care and support to children and families in need.


In response to this community-wide challenge, Presbyterian Children’s Homes and Services (PCHAS), provides 14 programs and services in 28 locations, in Missouri, Texas, and Louisiana, which provide children with permanent homes and adults with increased self-sufficiency. This is accomplished by the agency’s commitment to “The PCHAS Way” which inspires the agency to be strength-focused, family-centered, and goal driven with every client. 


Benefits of serving children and families in need through PCHAS include competitive salaries, flex work schedules, paid time off, medical, dental and vision insurance options, voluntary life insurance options, paid holidays, and a very generous retirement plan (after one year of service and working 1,000 hours the agency matches an employee 200% up to a 3% retirement contribution). 


Status: Non-exempt

Working Conditions: Works in a “home-like” cottage/house setting or an intensive service residential treatment unit.


Position Summary: Responsible for providing crisis intervention, oversight, and leadership to other Youth Care Workers; administrative support, as well as performing regular child care tasks as needed/requested during evening and weekend non-office hours.

Essential Job Functions

  • Serve as on-call emergency response staff as needed while on shift. Communicate critical events to the designated back-up on-call administrator; requesting additional support as needed. Conduct debriefing with staff and residents following a critical event or crisis situation, and document on the containment log accordingly.
  • Provide oversight and guidance to all Youth Care Workers on duty during evening hours.
  • Respond to Youth Care Workers calling out for work by contacting PRN staff or otherwise; in order to maintain ample coverage in all areas on campus.
  • Provide “front line” conflict resolution management for residents and other staff.
  • Complete security check of MLC building and all other areas on campus throughout shift and prior to leaving shift.
  • Help supervise and provide structure/guidance for residents at all times and monitor implementation of daily recreational activities.

Education: GED or High School diploma required; bachelor’s degree preferred. Upon employment, must purse continuing education and/or in-service training required for this position.


Experience: Must be at least age 21; preferably 1 to 2 years prior child care experience.

Skills: Ability to develop and maintain therapeutic relationships with children displaying behavioral and emotional problems; an ability to maintain an appropriate balance between being authoritative and supportive; an ability to not take children’s negative comments or behaviors personally; and must be able to make sound decisions in crisis situations and under pressure. Personal maturity is an extremely important attribute. Must be able to communicate effectively, verbally, and in writing.

Supervisory Requirements: None

Equipment To Be Used: Must be able to drive a van and/or automobile safely, both day and night. Must be able to use a telephone.

Typical Physical Demands: Requires prolonged standing and walking; bending and reaching; and great deal of stamina to work long hours under often pressure situations. May require lifting up to 50 pounds. May require participation in a safe physical restraint of an out-of-control resident engaged in self-harming or physically aggressive behavior toward others. Persons in this position should possess and maintain good physical strength and body flexibility.

Typical Mental Demands: Must be able to resolve problems, handle conflict, and make effective decisions under pressure. Must be willing to interact positively with children displaying inappropriate behaviors and having angry/hostile outbursts. Must be able to interact with residents and other staff from various ethnic groups in a culturally competent and professional manner.

Other Requirements: Must hold a valid driver’s license, have and maintain a risk-free driving record. Must be willing to undergo initial and periodic child abuse/neglect, criminal history, sexual offender, and child care/elder care disqualification list screenings. As requested, must submit fingerprints for review by the state of your employment and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Must undergo a pre-employment drug screen and a pre-employment physical with the results showing no evidence of communicable disease.

Christian Commitment: Presbyterian Children’s Homes and Services is a faith-based Christian organization. We provide Christ-centered care and support to children and families in need. We strive to serve like Jesus. We meet our clients where they are and treat them with respect. We focus on our clients’ strengths rather than their problems. And we encourage our clients to focus on their future rather than their past. When we do this well, we help our clients find hope and know the love of God.