Associate Software Engineer
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Position Description:

The SetPoint Medical Product Development team is seeking a motivated, hardworking, and intellectually curious junior engineer to work on a sophisticated active implantable device and connected software systems. Programming responsibilities may include, depending on the Software Engineer’s skillset, any part of the software development stack from low-level embedded code to high-level cloud development. The software engineer will work closely with senior engineers to receive training and mentorship.

All candidates will be required to present a portfolio, either digital or printed, of relevant work experience, personal, and/or academic projects. Portfolios shall include screenshots of applications and websites the candidate has created, code examples, documentation examples, and/or anything else that highlights the candidate’s skills. Candidates that cannot present a portfolio need not apply.


Position Responsibilities:

Responsibilities will vary depending on the Software Engineer’s skillsets, but may include:

· Writing mobile applications for iOS using Swift, and Android applications using Java or Kotlin

· Writing Windows desktop applications in C# using WPF and UWP

· Authoring cloud services using C#

· Low-level embedded programming with C and C++

· Participate in planning, requirements analysis, architecture and specification design, and verification processes

· Actively communicate and engage with other departments (e.g., electrical and mechanical engineering, regulatory, quality, etc.) to develop a robust and controlled product

Minimum Qualifications:

· B.S. Degree in Computer Science or related major

· Proficiency and experience with object-oriented programming. Knowledge of C#, Swift, Java, and/or C++ are preferred

· Should have some prior experience in creating applications, either mobile or desktop. This includes applications created for personal or academic projects

· Experience with developing and debugging in professional IDEs (e.g., Visual Studio, Xcode, Eclipse, etc.)

· Familiarity with SQL and Database Design principals 

· Familiarity with client/server programming and architecture

· Strong writing skills

Preferred Qualifications:

The following qualifications are all a plus, but not necessarily required:

· Experience and/or study in advanced topics such as multi-threaded programming, data science and machine learning, cybersecurity, advanced database design, etc.

· Experience in graphic design, and familiarity with raster and vector design tools (e.g., Photoshop and Illustrator)

· Familiarity with unit testing and user interface testing frameworks

· Experience with Class II/III medical devices

· Relevant work experience



Travel Requirements:



Company Headquarters in Valencia, CA