Head Teller
Job Type

POSITION SUMMARY: This position is responsible for supervising the branch teller line; for overseeing new teller training; for maintaining accurate branch cash and transaction records; for reconciling the branch ATM; for accurately and courteously processing customer transactions; and for supporting Bank products and services.


Teller line supervision: Oversee the daily operations of the branch teller line to ensure consistently high levels of customer service and accurate and efficient operations. Review work assignments and production needs; maintain branch teller schedules to ensure adequate coverage at all times. Monitor teller attendance; document teller performance problems in accordance with established procedures. Conduct annual teller performance appraisals and salary reviews as appropriate.

  • Ensure branch teller line compliance with all Federal and State banking regulations and all Bank and branch operating and security policies and procedures
  • Comply with all Federal and State banking regulations and all Bank and branch operating and security policies and procedures.
  • Meet or exceed established objectives and standards for head teller performance.

Teller training: Oversee new teller training and retraining according to established procedures. Ensure teller proficiency in processing transactions, responding to customer questions, providing customer service and accurately completing daily settlement.

Branch operations: Open and close the branch in accordance with established procedures. Assist with customer transactions; approve transactions requiring a supervisor approval; sign official Bank checks to limit of authority; maintain branch records of signatory authorities, key and combination access, etc. Order cash; assist with cash verification duties; assist with teller settlement and error resolution, including computer system input errors. Refer questions or problems to the Branch Manager.

Maintain and monitor all branch cash, activity and other records.

Branch operations, continued: Oversee and assist with teller and other branch settlement procedures to ensure timely and accurate settlement of cash and account records; perform daily branch and ATM settlement; verify teller settlement sheets; coordinate all branch transaction records; prepare branch daily settlement sheet; inform the Branch Manager of any settlement or other discrepancies.

Monitor the functioning of all branch equipment; perform routine maintenance in accordance with established procedures; contact appropriate repair personnel as necessary.

Act as branch contact person for all operations issues; resolve operational problems as appropriate. 

Branch cash supply: Order cash from correspondent; receive and verify cash shipments; package and ship excess coin and currency to correspondent. Fund the cash needs of other tellers. Maintain all cash vault records; accurately settle vault daily.

ATM reconciliation: Accurately settle ATM cash and transactions daily; prepare ATM settlement records. Replenish ATM cash supply as necessary. Resolve ATM operational problems; refer to Branch Manager as needed.

Customer transactions: Provide prompt, courteous and efficient service to branch customers at the teller or drive-up windows. Process customer deposits/withdrawals (including night bags); receive loan, mortgage and club payments; cash checks; sell money orders and Treasurer's checks, all according to established procedures. Assist customers with safe deposit boxes. Comply with all Bank and branch policies and procedures concerning customer transactions. Refer questions or problems to the branch manager or assistant branch manager.

Accurately settle own cash drawer and processed work in adherence to Bank performance standards and established procedures. Maintain daily work in good order. 

Support Bank products/services: Maintain knowledge of current KSB products and services. Actively utilize as many Bank products and services as possible in order to fully understand their features and benefits and to be able to communicate effectively with customers and prospective customers.

Talk to customers and listen for “cues and clues” to determine needs; respond to customer inquiries and evaluate their needs; suggest Bank products/services to customers to meet their needs; make referrals to other Bank personnel as appropriate. 

Branch back-up: Assist the Branch Manager with branch staff meetings as directed. Perform teller or other branch functions as assigned to meet customer or operational needs, including working at other branches.

Community/public relations: Actively participate in community organizations and events. Represent the Bank in the community.

Other duties: Demonstrate reliable attendance and punctuality. Work at other Bank branches as needed for customer service, operational, or training purposes. Attend and participate in Bank meetings. Attend internal and external training to improve skills and knowledge relevant to the head teller position. 

Understand and fully comply with Kennebec Savings Bank’s Core Values.

Perform other duties as required. 


  • Tellers
  • Floaters (if applicable) 


  • High school graduate.
  • 1 to 3 years’ progressively more responsible and satisfactory experience as a teller or head teller.
  • Experience with teller and ATM data processing systems.
  • Supervisory experience is desirable.
  • Computer literate, with specific experience in word processing and spreadsheet applications.


  • Must be able to lift cash boxes and cash bags of approximately 20 pounds.
  • Must be able to distinguish between various denominations of coin and currency.
  • Must be able to operate vault combinations.
  • Must be able to read and work with computer print-out reports.
  • Must be able to stand or sit for extended periods of time while waiting on customers.
  • Must be able to spend extended periods of time operating a computer keyboard and working at a computer monitor.
  • Must be able use the telephone to converse with customers for extended periods of time; must be able to communicate clearly by telephone; must have good listening ability and skills.
  • Must be able to prioritize and organize work flow; must have good attention to detail; must be able to handle multiple jobs.
  • Must have the ability to think through a problem, following proper steps in finding resolution.
  • Must have a high degree of ethics and maintain confidentiality of customers and accounts.
  • Must be friendly, courteous and sensitive to the needs of customers and coworkers.