Special Operations Forces (SOF) JTAC Instructor/Evaluator/PM
Virginia Beach, VA Services Division
Job Type
Full-time, Part-time, Contract, Temporary
  • Train SOF personnel in the following: 
  • United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) JTAC Joint Publications and Read Files. 
  • Joint Service Air Platform Capabilities 
  • Surface Fires Integration 
  • Fixed Wing Fighters, UAS/RPA, and Rotary Wing Aircraft 
  • Close Air Support (CAS) Scenario Generation Special Instructions 
  • Range and Military Operating Airspace (MOA) Specific Target Sets 
  • Airspace Control Measures 
  • Operational Task Link (OPTASKLINK) and Tactical Datalink 
  • Practical Exercises and Field Training. Conduct Practical Training in Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs) for the following: 
  • Controlling live air assets with the contractor providing real-time feedback on JTAC performance 
  • Types 1 and 2 CAS Controls 
  • Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) Integration 
  • Video Downlink (VDL) and Datalink Operations 
  • Digital Close Air Support (DCAS) 
  • Provide instruction for Pre-IQT, MQT, and ongoing CT currency throughout the training cycle. 
  • Provide written recommendations to SOF JTAC government personnel in the development/update of Academic Classroom/Computer-Based Courses of Instruction (COI) when SOF JTAC techniques/procedures change. 
  • The contractor shall engage in the continuing education of communication equipment required for CAS to include, but not be limited to, courses of instruction and qualification from Viasat, Sierra Nevada, Viacom, or other organizations that certify JTACs in the use of Link-16 and other Low Probability of Intercept / Low Probability of Detection (LPI/LPD) communications. 
  • The contractor shall maintain JTAC currency. 
  • The contractor shall engage in the continuing education of CAS; TTPs for the Joint Application of Firepower; Surface-to-Surface and Sea-to-Surface Fire Support. 

  • Secret Security Clearance is required for this position. 
  • The contractor shall have a minimum of three (3)-years of JTAC-I SOF experience. 
  • The contractor shall have JTAC deployed experience within the last seven (7) years. 
  • The contractor shall demonstrate familiarity with SOF JTAC TTPs. 
  • The contractor shall possess extensive familiarity with JTAC TTPs in post-9/11 CAS employment during counterinsurgency (COIN) and counter violent extremist organization (CVEO) combat operations. 
  • The contractor shall possess familiarity with SOF JTAC operations and TTPs applicable to Major Combat Operations and the Strategic Competition context, including equipment required for tactical communications in denied environments. 
  • The contractor shall have experience instructing in current theater Special Instructions (SPINS). 
  • The contractor shall have expertise in building mission products for scenario development. 
  • The contractor shall provide proof in AJACTS (current electronic record system) of current JTAC-I and/or JTAC-E qualifications to facilitate government initiation of Letters of Designation. The contractor shall qualify as a SOF JTAC-I or SOF JTAC-E as required.

Salary Description
$85-120k annual