Environmental Specialist
WFH Flexible Indianapolis, IN

  **This position is partially remote.  Candidates will be required to work in the office a minimum of three days a week**   


Department: Environmental

Reports to: Environmental Department Manager

Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Science or related field

Registration: None required

Experience: None required


Assist in preparing NEPA Environmental Documents with some direction

Assist in preparing Waterway Regulatory Permit applications with some direction

Assist in preparing Waters of the U.S. reports (WOTUS) with some direction

Assist with Public Hearings and obtaining Public Hearing Certification for planned road and bridge projects

Assist with the preparation of project specific Transportation funding applications for Local Public Agency clients

Assist in the completion of Comprehensive Planning, Neighborhood Planning, Parks & Recreation Planning, Thoroughfare Planning, and Zoning Projects

Assist in the completion of Data Collection and Traffic Forecasting Assignments

Interact professionally with clients, employees, managers, and subconsultants

Maintain confidentiality of information regarding clients and company practices

Perform other duties as assigned


Able to work independently, with minimal instruction

Possess good communication skills

Able to work within a “team” concept

Able to meet deadlines

Working knowledge of INDOT’s Categorical Exclusion Manual

Working knowledge of INDOT’s Procedural Manual for Preparing Environmental Documents

Working knowledge of INDOT’s Waters of the US Documentation Manual

Working knowledge of INDOT’s Waterway Permit Manual

Working knowledge of the 1987 US Army Corps of Engineers Wetland Delineation Manual and appropriate Regional Supplement

Working knowledge of INDOT’s Cultural Resources Manual

Working knowledge of INDOT’s Plan Development Process

Possess other technical skills necessary to perform the duties of this position


Physical Requirements: 

Able to work seated for 9 or more hours per workday 

Able to work 40 or more hours per work week, as needed 

Able to stand for extended periods 

Able to work outdoors traversing uneven or difficult terrain 

Able to travel throughout Indiana including overnight stays 

Other Requirements: 

Possess a valid Indiana driver’s license 

Agree to abide by personnel policies identified in the Company Policy 

Designated as a flexible position as defined in the Company Policy