Project Manager

Like all LightWerks Associates, the Project Manager is a valuable member of the LightWerks team. As the leader of project teams and our main point of contact during the implementation phase of projects, this team member is tasked with collaborating with customers to plan, schedule, direct, and lead the various resources needed to safely and successfully complete projects that are implemented on time and on budget.

To some of our customers, partners, and other associated trades, the Project Manager may be the only LightWerks representative they work with and hence this Associate’s performance will directly affect the reputation, and ultimately the success, of the Company.



  • Safety at LightWerks is EVERYONE’s responsibility, so in every instance where you are concerned about the safety of anyone related to our work, we need you to ALWAYS maintain a policy of “See something? Say something!”
  • Mastering, modeling, implementing, and improving the relevant elements of The LightWerks Way,
  • Collaborating with Account Executives, Engineers, Project Coordinators, and other team members to plan out the successful execution of projects from start to finish,
  • Planning, producing, and managing the project schedule in the software specified by the current or acting Director of Project Management, being particularly mindful of the critical path and what impact any slippages will have on the costs and completion dates.
  • Reading contracts and understanding ALL of the requirements and risks that we will accept as part of a project,
  • Scheduling and chairing internal and customer-focused project kickoff meetings within the first few days after projects are “kicked off” in our systems,
  • Primarily leading larger projects anywhere from $50,000 up in size,
  • Acting as the Single Point of Contact for customers and other stakeholders during the execution phase of projects. 
  • Ensuring that deliverables are available where, when, and how they are needed by all members of the project implementation team,
  • Monitoring the performance of projects to ensure they meet our customers’ needs and expectations, as well as our own financial expectations,
  • Identifying opportunities for change orders:
  1. Preparing, pricing, negotiating, submitting, and tracking them,
  2. Securing WRITEEN client approval, and
  3. NOT executing the work until we have received written client approval. 
  • Providing consistent weekly resource requests and status changes to the Project Coordinator(s) assigned to your projects,
  • Providing weekly status reports to the Point of Contacts for assigned projects, 
  • Scheduling a pre-deployment site visit with Lead Technicians and/or Superintendents so they can put their eyes on the site conditions prior to the first day of work,
  • Briefing the Lead Technicians and/or Superintendents on assigned jobs so they can be prepared to be immediately productive immediately on new job sites,Calling out any known safety hazards and reminding LEADS and/or SUPERS of their duty to perform safety briefings to their team members, as specified by the then-current LightWerks Safety Plan,
  • Escalating interdepartmental and major customer issues to senior management for resolution after giving a reasonable effort to negotiate a reasonable compromise,
  • Attending regularly scheduled project meetings and coordinating our work with design professionals, other project managers, general contractors and other trades, and customer representatives, as needed, to execute a profitable project,
  • Identifying and managing/mitigating risks throughout the life of the project,
  • Working to the highest professional standards in terms of timeliness, neatness, attention to detail, customer interaction, and other professional matters that reflect on the reputation of LightWerks and the quality of our work,
  • Completing daily timekeeping and paperwork conscientiously, consistently, and on a timely basis,
  • Coordinating and ensuring the proper resolution of any project-related items that may arise,
  • Managing and ensuring thorough functional testing of systems and sub-assemblies, 
  • Closing out projects in a manner that ensures quality work, while completing assigned projects on time and on budget, with excellent customer satisfaction,
  • Providing appropriate documentation for end-users,Leading post-project debrief meetings on projects that have gone particularly poorly or particularly well to assist with our continuous improvement efforts,
  • Managing multiple projects simultaneously,
  • Earning and maintaining appropriate AVIXA and project management credentials (e.g., CTS, CAPM, PMP),
  • Maintaining a positive, can-do attitude and working to resolve all problems that surface in connection with a project, and
  • Making recommendations for the continuous improvement of the performance of our business.
  • EVENTUALLY, once our systems can provide the needed information:
  1. Performing reviews and analyses of project cost accounting reports on labor and material spent to date against the project budget and providing EAC (Estimate At Completion),
  2. Conducting variance analyses on each labor and material category, identifying problem areas, and devising corrective action, and
  3. Initiating invoicing, tracking payments, and managing project financials.

Requirements: The following skills and qualifications are required to successfully execute this job:  

  • Minimum seven+ years of relevant hands-on construction project experience,
  • Possessing the relevant technical skills and leadership experience to effectively direct small to medium-sized teams of technicians,
  • Ability to read architectural and AV system drawings,
  • Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to work with diverse groups of people,
  • Ability to maintain confidentiality,
  • Demonstrated ability to negotiate mutually favorable outcomes,
  • A strong work ethic, positive outlook, and ability to focus and complete assigned tasks,
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills, including the ability to always communicate openly and honestly (see “Truth Early. Truth Always” in the “LightWerks Way”),
  • Must be responsible, self-motivated, self-starter, personable and well-organized,
  • Superior customer service skills to deal with both internal and external customers,
  • Ability to manage multiple tasks simultaneously,
  • Demonstrated and/or tested proficiency in the use of personal computers including such programs as M365 Teams, Project, Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, and Outlook, 
  • Ability to demonstrate planning, organization, and implementation skills which allow the successful completion of duties and assigned tasks by specified due dates,
  • Must be able to effectively handle stressful situations,
  • Must be able to read and effectively interpret general business documentation, and
  • Must possess a current driver’s license that is valid in all States where the representative may travel in the course of their duties.

Desired: The following skills and qualifications are desired, but not strictly required:  

  • Relevant Bachelor’s degree.

Time Away from Home:

At LightWerks, we recognize the benefits of – and fully embrace – remote work. We also understand that Team Members desire – and deserve – as much flexibility as possible given their specific job duties. The following is what this job requires, relative to:

  • Time “In the Office: Describe number of days needed in the office per week, per month, or none, etc., here.
  • Out-of-Town Travel: This job requires moderate travel (up to 25% of the time, in periods up to a week) comprised of occasional visits to remote job sites, LightWerks offices, hands-on vendor trainings, and some optional attendance at industry or other professional gatherings. 

Other Requirements: 

  • The Team Member is required to stand, walk, climb, sit, and use hands and fingers,
  • Although most work is performed inside, must possess the ability to conduct occasional outside activities, which are subject to seasonal temperature fluctuations,
  • Un-restricted ability to climb minimum six-foot ladders, and
  • Un-restricted ability to lift a minimum of 25 pounds above head and shoulders.

Training Path: As part of our commitment to your ongoing career development, LightWerks believes in providing extensive training to all Team Members.  Your customized training path benefits our customers, and hence the Company, in many ways, but it also benefits each team member, personally and professionally, in the following ways:

  • Safety Training: At LightWerks our policy is, “NEVER do anything unsafe,” so ongoing, appropriate training will be provided to ensure that everyone remains SAFE while working at LightWerks.
  • Industry Training: Industry-related training will allow each team member to understand how LightWerks and they fit into the industry overall, and why/how we provide value to our customers.
  • Technical Skills Training: This training will allow each team member to build their technical competence in their specific profession and the role(s) that they take on during their tenure with LightWerks.
  • Professional Skills Training: Team members will benefit from professional skills training that is relevant to all professionals and teams, as needed. Training may include interpersonal skills, time management, etc.
  • To review the training available at LightWerks, please ask our HR representative to send you a copy of “LightWerks Career Development - START HERE."

Keys to Success:

  • You will be evaluated in part based upon your performance of the responsibilities and tasks listed in this job description.
  • This job description does not list all the duties of the job. You may be asked by supervisors or management to perform other instructions and duties.
  • Management has the right to revise this job description at any time. This job description is not a contract for employment, and either you or the employer may terminate employment at any time, for any reason as outlined in the employee manual, and as permitted by applicable law.  
  • LightWerks promotes and rewards transparent, proactive, and responsive communication (i.e., “Truth Early. Truth Always.”), client-focused behavior, good decision-making, innovation, a bias to action, courage, commitment, integrity, teamwork, the desire to continuously learn and improve, and a passion for success.