Project Manager
Job Type


Local Roots is dedicated to making Pittsburgh more beautiful from the outside in. We pride ourselves in providing only the best quality work and expect the Project Manager to take the same pride and ownership in their work. This position requires a great deal of challenge, pressure, and people. While working independently most of the time, communication skills are imperative to both collaborate with the management team and to teach others. As a professional at Local Roots, responsibility and trustworthiness are central to maintain a healthy working climate. The Project Manager should do their part to maintain a positive and respectful relationship with all employees, customers, and external contacts.

Daily Tasks:

The Project Manager will be responsible for coordinating between customers, estimator, design team, and landscape/hardscape Team Leaders to ensure smooth and quality completion of all jobs. The PM will be in regular communication with all team members and provide training or address issues as necessary. It is necessary to track budgets, problem solving when expectations are not meeting reported hours/materials. The PM will be on job sites occasionally to ensure implementation of new policies, to help with problem solving, and to provide training. The Project Manager reports directly to the Operations Manager for all questions or concerns.

There will be aspects of this job that will require physical labor. This position will be malleable in nature and is subject to modifications as you assume your full time position in the company. This position is going to require a good deal of flexibility as you learn, as well as leadership abilities to ensure the tasks are getting done correctly, smoothly, on time, and on budget.


  • 10 days PTO per year to start
  • 6 paid holidays
  • Highmark Health Insurance
  • Simple IRA Retirement Program with company match
  • Company Vehicle and Fuel
  • Company Phone and Computer
  • Current and valid PA Driver’s license needed
  • Competence in driving a commercial truck needed
  • Current Medical Card (Due before employee start date.) needed
  • Ability to grasp new concepts, process information quickly, and equip teams promptly needed
  • Class A CDL preferred
  • 5+ years of experience in the industry preferred
  • 3 years of management and supervisory experience preferred
  • A two or four year degree in a landscape related field, general degree with coursework in the landscape field, or certification by a landscape association is preferred.
  • Experience working with company budgets, forecasts, and reports is preferred


  • Excels in problem solving skills and is solutions oriented
  • Ability to work with computer systems and technology
  • Ability to follow processes, job flow charts, and written procedures
  • Planning and assisting with Team Leader meetings alongside the Leadership Team.
  • Schedules labor, rental equipment, deliveries, and equipment maintenance.
  • Daily tracking of budgeted hours and materials for all team projects - maintains communication with Team Leaders, estimator & Operations Manager to correct discrepancies and improve accuracy
  • Thorough comprehension in operating all landscaping/hardscaping equipment, powered and non-powered.
  • Thorough comprehension in operating all relevant machinery at Local Roots Landscaping
  • Thorough comprehension in reading and using designs and site plans
  • Thorough comprehension in leading, managing, and teaching all hardscape and softscape installations.
  • Schedules and conducts performance reviews alongside Operations Manager
  • Maintaining communication with client and teams to keep expectations in agreement
  • Assist, support, and review projects with all Team Leaders

*It is not the expectation that this position is an expert builder/installer. The primary role of this position is to ensure our install Team Leaders and teams are equipped to start and finish their jobs on time and on budget by giving them all pertinent information and by supporting them throughout each project.

Salary Description
$55,000-$75,000 to Start