Senior Surface Force Generation Management Consultant
San Diego, CA, CA Position Upon Contract Award
Job Type

This senior and highly visible position leads Prevailance’s support to CNSP’s ongoing drive to increase Force Generation (Fg) and provide forces ready for tasking sooner. In this role you will lead a team of dedicated and experienced professionals in the execution of a review and assessment on the effectiveness of Navy-wide training using current training policy as outlined in the Surface Force Training and Readiness Manual (SFTRM) and subordinate Executive Agent training execution policy to determine inefficiencies, redundancies, and/or obsolete requirements. 

The ideal applicant is a career Surface Warfare Officer with experience as a commanding officer afloat as an O5 or O6. Additionally, must have significant operational experience as a senior officer  assigned to Echelon III or IV staffs Commanding Officer (i.e., Task Group/Squadron Commander, Deputy Warfare Commander, CSG/ESG Warfare Commander, or Senior Staff. 


Required Experience: 

  • Five years monitoring Navy Surface Ship training processes, Navy information systems, and programs/
  • Leading the generation of operational efficiencies and or process improvements
  • Leading Surface Warfare operations involving multiple ships or a single ship
  • Managing all Shipboard Warfare systems operations and tactics
  • Tracking and monitoring metrics for ships in training
  • Leading afloat operations, especially the conduct of Afloat Training
  • Writing and presenting Flag Level briefs
  • Managing the resources required to train and certify ships
  • Leading Department of Defense Training and Warfare Area certification processes
  • The use Microsoft Office Suite 


Ideal applicant shall have knowledge of:

  • The Surface Force Training and Readiness Manual (SFTRM)
  • The Surface Training Advanced Virtual Environment (STAVE)
  • The Fleet Training Requirements Management Process
  • The POM processes, supporting Surface Warfare Training Strategy, Fleet Training Wholeness Strategy and governance
  • The USFF Live Virtual Constructive Initiatives
  • Shipboard synthetic training system capabilities as they relate to the support of the tactical training continuum
  • The Ready Relevant Learning Initiative and associated processes
  • Naval “ Unit-Level Training” at a senior military or Department of Defense civilian level

Education Requirements:  Bachelor’s Degree

Security Clearance:  Secret