Intern - Bachelor's
Job Type

Internship Duties

  • Adhere to FSA policies, rules, and standards and practices as well as all applicable ethical codes.
  • Complete all necessary employee requirements in a timely manner to include submission of information to complete DCFS background investigation.
  • Establish written learning agreement with Field Instructor. Identify specific learning objectives and create a consistent schedule as well as evaluation arrangements.
  • Approach internship tasks with a positive attitude with a willingness to learn, willingness to follow direction, and willingness to apply feedback provided by Field Supervisor or Task Supervisor.
  • Adhere to field placement schedule and notify Field Instructor of any changes prior to changes being implemented.
  • Notify the Field Instructor in cases of unavoidable absences or inability to come in at scheduled times.
  • Complete assigned tasks by Field Supervisor that may include participating in client interactions, documentation, or completion of an assigned project in a timely manner.
  • Treat all staff and clients with high level of respect and compassion.
  • Responsible for networking with collaterals on behalf of active clients, including: referral and linkage, discharge planning with in-patient psychiatric facilities, and the advocacy of a client’s rights within the education, legal, state and mental health systems.
  • Participate in completing any required internship evaluations or meetings with school.
  • Use good judgement in all work to ensure client safety. Seek out necessary resources and practices effective self-care to enhance performance in all internship duties.
  • Maintain client interactions and record information confidential per FSA policies and Illinois law.


  • Responsible for discussing cases or projects with supervisor in supervision (individual or group supervision) on a weekly basis.
  • Responsible for reporting to supervisor regularly about problem cases or situation, need for special services and resource information.
  • Responsible for discussing learning progress and experiences.
  • Discuss any issues with the Field Instructor first prior to consulting with the Field Liaison.


  • Maintain a record of field hours and assigned duties in collaboration with the Field Instructor.
  • Responsible for completion of and meeting deadlines for all paperwork for cases, including: CIS Billing Notes, Case Closing, and other paperwork necessary or appropriate for maintaining case files.
  • Responsible for completion of and meeting deadlines for all agency administrative paperwork, including: CIS Billing Notes, expense sheets and any other administrative or agency requested reports.
  • Responsible for attending staff meetings, clinical meetings and program meetings as assigned by Supervisor.

Community Education/Public Relations

  • Act professionally and communicate positively responsibility when presenting FSA with clients, community contacts, and staff.
  • Responsible for facilitating positive networking relationships with community service providers and/or networks as assigned by supervisor.
  • Complete all necessary training requirements based on program assigned.
  • Maintain log of trainings completed

Other Duties/Special Assignments/Projects

  • Perform other duties as assigned by supervisor to the best of interns ability.
  • Perform incidental business-related travel as needed.
  • Perform internship responsibilities with a positive attitude
  • Responsible for promoting collegiality at the workplace by working collaboratively with others.
  • Responsible for any equipment assigned to be kept free from damage or loss. Any damage or loss of equipment needs to immediately reported to Supervisor.

Benefits Include

  • Mileage reimbursement for approved travel based on Expense Reimbursement Policy; Supervision; Educational Opportunities; Access to the resources and experiences of an agency with almost 90 years in the community

Must be enrolled in a Bachelor’s level program in Social Work, Psychology, or other related field at the time of internship. Must meet criteria to qualify as a Rehabilitative Services Associate (RSA) by being at least 21 years of age, be a high school graduate or have a GED certificate, have demonstrated skills in the field of services to adults or children, have demonstrated the ability to work within the Provider's structure and accept supervision, and have demonstrated the ability to work constructively with Clients, treatment resources and the community per Medicaid rule 132 standards.