Credit Collection Representative
Bartlett, TN Andre Williams


The Credit Collection Representative’s goal will be to provide excellent customer service with regards to account reconciliation and payment services. This goal will be measured through a combination of targets for Days Sales Outstanding (DSO), over 90-day delinquencies and accounts sent to collections. He/She will work to become proactive in the development of relationships with both the internal and external customers.

This position is responsible for collections on portfolio of accounts from time of billing up until the receivable is cleared. Collection procedures have been developed to provide a systematic way of handling delinquent accounts while also retaining the customer’s loyalty. Interactions with accounts during the collection’s efforts will be a combination of obtaining firm payment information while maintaining good relationships with customers. Will work with our sales team to address sensitive issues with accounts such as possible suspension due to non-payment. Both oral and written communication skills are critical to the effectiveness in obtaining resolution of the accounts’ receivables.



• Work the 5-step collection process using the AR aging. All accounts past due over 15 days require a minimum of 1 point of contact in a 15-day period. Cycle of 30 days.

• Evaluate held orders due to past due and/or credit line issues for release in a timely manner.

• Process credit card charges daily (as necessary).

• Resolve disputed items with customer through research of all available information; document and communicate findings to customer and appropriate staff.

• Perform annual credit reviews for accounts as well as throughout the year for those accounts that have exceeded their credit line.

• Evaluate customer records and recommends accounts to be closed, credit lines reduced or increased, change in terms, or hard collection action, based on earnings and saving data, payment history, and purchase activity of customer.

• Confer with representatives of credit associations and other businesses to exchange information concerning credit ratings and forwarding addresses. Knowledge of D&B financial credit reports is a plus.

• Create documentation and maintains agreements in ASW and updates collection and NSF logs as necessary.

• Prepare/Update/Review all reports on account status, current findings and action taken for all accounts under investigation.

• Coordinate/assist customers in the set-up and payment of wire transfers and ACH payments via online payment portal.

• Designate accounts to be placed with 3rd party collection service.

• Collect NSF items from customers.

• Responsible for setting up of new customer and establish credit line and terms.

• Assists in the development of policies and procedures and recommendation of such to upper management.


Experience: Minimum of three (3) – five (5) years of accounts receivable/credit and collections experience and/or customer service experience. In addition, the individual must be able to work in a non-structured, fast past environment. Must possess strong customer service experience with working knowledge of D & B is preferred. The schedule for this position rotates to include one evening shift per week and 12:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. on Saturday.

Computer Skills: Must be proficient in the Microsoft Office suite of products including Excel, Word and Outlook.