Technical Video Writer
Fully Remote Remote Worker - N/A Product Development
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As a Technical Video Writer at the National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER), you will oversee the story and learning design behind educational video content. Your vision and expertise elevate video content from dry lecture to part of a memorable learning experience. You can envision multiple paths to success given time and budget constraints. You quickly build rapport, incorporate stakeholder input, and easily communicate your vision to gain the support of others to help execute.

Major Duties:

  • Storyboarding and scripting: You understand the art, design, and emotion behind telling a good story and facilitating learning. You will design each video for content, and visual efficacy. You will work closely with technical writers and SMEs to gather the details that matter. You will leverage the right tools to help NCCER grow its online learning portfolio on a scale. You will get to know the audience of learners while remaining outcome -focused with your content design and delivery.
  • Video design strategy: You assess the message and the medium to achieve impactful results. While you will not determine the design of the entire course, you will collaborate with other learning design specialists and make recommendations to ensure that the video elements of the course lay the foundation upon which other activities build meaningfully. You will determine the tone, look, and feel of the video elements. You will be responsible for documenting guidelines and best practices to increase the capabilities within the team and ensure consistency across a wide portfolio of projects.
  • Producer: Coordinating the video production process takes organization, attention to detail, collaboration, and leadership. You will have roles in preproduction, production, and postproduction. You will be a key member of pre-recording kickoff meetings with instructional designers, technical writers, video team members, subject matter experts and on-screen talent. You will be responsible for understanding learning goals, storyboarding, and scripting, developing shot lists, identifying graphics and b-roll needs, sourcing graphics and b-roll, directing on-site film work, and some editing. You will receive and manage feedback around video elements. You will lead QA/QC around the technical content of the videos.
  • Director on shoots: On shoots you will put on your coaching hat and stand ready with your shot list. First, you will be responsible for getting the best performance possible out of on-screen talent. This may include walking through warm-up exercises, helping them relax, vocal coaching, gesture and body coaching and cheerleading when retakes stack up. You recognize when the talent or video crew needs a break, and when to push to wrap up. You are responsible for ensuring that all the required shots are captured and that the content is delivered accurately and effectively. You may be supported by technical writers who can lend expertise regarding specific language requirements.

We do not expect applicants to check off every box! If you fit some of the qualifications below and are eager to learn and grow, please apply. We want to talk with you to see if it is a good fit.

  • BS, BA, MS, or MA degree
  • 3 + years of experience in teaching /training design and delivery, video production, or technical writing
  • Background in education, adult learning, video production, training development, design or delivery
  • Command of adult learning principles and /or video engagement
  • Familiarity with story design, effective lesson design
  • Aesthetic and creative skills to generate ideas based on content and learner needs
  • Ability to write effective copy, instructional text, audio scripts/video scripts
  • High EQ
  • Leadership, coaching and collaboration skills to supervise and manage cross team members and on-screen talent
  • Analytical and decision-making skills to make business judgments
  • Excited, passionate, proactive and self-motivated with an enthusiasm for learning
  • Ability to learn and adapt to new technologies
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Exceptional research and time management skills

What you will not do:

In this role, you are not expected to be a(n):

  • Camera operator: The person operating the camera equipment on site; also primarily responsible for rough editing. While a functional knowledge of camera equipment, lighting, and effects is helpful, you will not be the one operating the equipment.
  • Instructional Designer: The person who determines the overall design of courses and builds out digital content for courses. This person is responsible for the upload of course elements into the learning management system (LMS).