Maintenance Mechanic
Brattleboro, VT
Job Type

Reporting to the Maintenance Mechanic Manager, you will work with our maintenance team in

servicing all the mechanical components of a large commercial bakery including ovens, food

processing equipment, packaging equipment, and refrigeration.

 Duties and responsibilities

  • Work professionally with maintenance peers maintaining good verbal and written
  • communication in regard to tasks/problems throughout the day and recording it in the log.
  • Servicing and maintaining equipment including motors, conveyor systems, transmission systems, and production-related equipment
  • Troubleshooting mechanical breakdowns.
  • Reading and interpreting blueprints/electrical diagrams.
  • Inspecting and assessing the functionality of production machines.
  • Fabricating parts for repairs and machine upgrades.
  • Other duties as assigned by management


Knowledge of and experience with some or all of the following: bakery equipment, pneumatics, valves, cylinders, air compressors, propane ovens, freezers, coolers, PLCs, and/or inverters. Electrical knowledge is highly desirable. You must be able to troubleshoot and perform preventative maintenance on production machinery. You must possess your own tools and at minimum a high school diploma or GED. Forklift experience is a plus.

Working conditions

This job requires the ability to work in a fast-paced environment. Mechanics may be required to work in or around our freezers and temperatures will be cold, but not for extreme periods of time. Although the production floor has good airflow, the temperatures may be a little higher than usual due to the ovens and boiling in certain areas.

Physical requirements

  • Lifting: Must be able to lift 75+ pounds from bending position; back and upper body strength required.
  • Reaching/Bending: Must reach repeatedly for objects at shoulder level, or bend and reach for objects below waist level: repetitive motion.
  • Grasping: Holding extendedor extending periods of time: some repetitive motion is required.
  • Standing/Walking: Must stand for most of the workday. Must walk quickly across the facility to complete tasks in a timely manner.
  • Pivoting/Rotating: Specific stations require repetitively grasping objects, with the upper body pivoting and rotating.
  • Pulling/Pushing: May pull and/or push pallets of product with weights of up to 800 pounds on a pallet jack; the jack is pulled/pushed across a smooth floor with little resistance, but it does require some upper-body strength.

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