3M Program Manager and for Shore Maintenance
San Diego, CA Position Upon Contract Award
Job Type

This position shall provide Commander, Naval Surface Pacific (COMNAVSURFPAC) staff with engineering and technical support services to execute the Maintenance and Material Management (3M) Program on all designated surface ships and their respective crews in the Pacific Fleet operating area. The contractor shall provide staff support for the development of maintenance policy of “O”, “I” and “D” level maintenance programs and assist in the management of maintenance databases with their interfaces within material and technical databases. 


3M Program Manager and for Shore Maintenance Manager.10 years’ experience in shipboard or ship repair facility experience in material, management and maintenance data system interface for shipboard HM&E/Combat Systems.

For Shore Maintenance Manager - will need five years’ experience in each area with SURFOR's Material, Maintenance and Management(3M) Program to include: 

- Screening, reviewing, and processing of Bulk upload files provided by various entities, this includes the ability to resolve problems associated with incomplete loads prior to uploading to a ship's CSMP 

- Monitoring ship PMS assessments, documenting all findings about the unit and assessment team performance 

- Completing up-lines, downloads and management of Revised Alternative Dataflow Web (RADWEB)

- Screening and processing Planned Maintenance Feedback Reports 

- Interfacing with the Littoral Combat Ship Squadron and the new ZUMWALT class destroyer with regards to the Maintenance Management systems 

- Provide guidance with development through processing of Advanced Change Notices (ACN)

- Provide inputs to the staff in the development of policy papers and 3M instructions 

 Note: Five years’ experience is not cumulative and must be in each area